Saturday, March 19, 2011


Something unusual happened yesterday on the ABC-TV program "The View"- a celebrity or two stood up for purebred dogs, and expressed doubt about some of the anti-breeder laws sweeping our nation.

"From Albuquerque, to El Paso, to Austin" Whoopi Goldberg began, "there are laws banning the retail sale of animals under one year old. The idea is to promote shelter adoptions and to stop substandard breeding practices."

Well, that's good, right?" piped up her co-host Joy Behar. "It's an effort to regulate breeding and shut down puppy mills." Joy then repeated the popular  myth of pet store animals not being healthy, due to the assumption that they derive from "puppy mills" where there is "overbreeding".

"I'm not sure that it's good" Whoopi reflected, "I understand that you want me to adopt from a shelter and all that, but I've had it with people telling me what is PC...for THEM. I love the effort, but if I want to go to Dogs of America at the mall and buy my daughter a puppy or kitten, I don't think anyone should tell me that I can't."

Can it be that the public is finally noticing how difficult it is to obtain puppies lately? 

Co-host Starr Jones noted that you can't have regulation of certain breeders without affecting other people who have dogs.

Whoopi and Starr then explained that with mixed breeds you don't know what health problems to expect, and you don't have any idea of how long they might live.

Glory hallelujah, and WHOOPI!

Maybe folks are finally noticing that laws that prohibit sales of animals under one year of age are essentially BREEDING BANS. Not a good thing when someone wants a puppy or has their heart set on a certain breed.

Someone please tell me where there exists a LEGAL definition of "puppy mill" and "overbreeding"? And, pet stores have extensive regulations prohibiting the sale of sick animals. Additionally, there is no evidence that animals obtained from pet stores are less healthy than dogs obtained elsewhere. 

Isn't it about time that we stand up for our freedoms? Thank you, Whoopi and Starr, for promoting our right to obtain, enjoy and care for our pets as we see fit.

Pet store sales are heavily regulated; "puppy mills" (if by that, you mean substandard breeding facilities) are already illegal, and no further laws are needed to regulate breeders.

End of story!

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