Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Save a Dog, Euthanize a Breeder"

It had to happen sooner or later. Someone spotted a shopper at a mall wearing a T-Shirt emblazoned with the motto, "Save a Dog, Euthanize a Breeder!"

THIS is what we are up against, folks. These animal rights fanatics, who really don't love dogs so much as they HATE their fellow human beings.

Within moments of that information finding its way onto a pet law email list, outraged dog owners contacted Zazzle, the guilty party hawking these wares on their website. The "Save a Dog, Euthanize a Breeder" shirts have since been removed, but the "Save a Pit Bull, Euthanize a Breeder" shirts remain up for sale. Similar designs are offered up on Cafe Press as well.

 Should we really find any of this surprising? It seems the roots of animal rights extremism infiltrate deeply. Some internet businesses seem to be run by those who not only sympathize with the goals of extermination of animals through spay/neuter, but are also willing to support such heinous hate rhetoric as as calling for the DEATH of people who are are deeply connected to animals. In fact, these internet businesses not only sympathize with these fringe fanatics, but financially support them as well.

Zazzle recently teamed up with HSUS to sponsor "Spay Day 2011." Here's part of the notice I got a month or so ago from Zazzle:

Zazzle has teamed up with The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International to create awareness and raise funds for homeless pets around the world. Submitting your pet's best photo in the Spay Day Pet Photo Contest will help spread the spay and neuter message and help save an animal's life - so enter the contest today and compete to win great prizes!

One must PAY to enter this contest; it is a fund-raiser.

So, it would appear that Zazzle has already swallowed the HSUS line about spay/neuter saving lives and other such complete propaganda and lies. (See previous posts on spay/neuter)

I also recently received an ad in my mailbox from CafePress; lo and behold, they are donating to PETA and other fanatic groups....here is the message I sent to some dog lists....and then my letter to CafePress, and their stock response that was sent to several people.

I know some clubs do fundraisers using CafePress. Just want to let you all know that CafePress considers PETA to be a "charity" and are donating thousands of dollars to them. They are also giving them some sort of matching funds for the sales on their site. This is really disturbing.


"CafePress, on behalf of its users, is making a donation to Operation Gratitude (www.opgratitude.com), Breastcancer.org (www.breastcancer.org), NORML (www.norml.org) and PETA (www.peta.org), through its "Chari-Tees" program. Each organization will automatically be given a $5,000 donation. In addition, from December 17, 2010 through December 31, 2010, CafePress, on behalf of its users, will donate $10 for every order sold through each of the charities' shops, up to a maximum of $50,000 collectively."

My letter to CafePress:

PETA kills animals. Don't you read the newspaper? They were convicted of killing puppies and kittens and dumping them into dumpsters.....as soon as they picked them up in their van!

They are hypocrites. They are nut case fanatics. One thing they are NOT is a charity.

I will not support Cafepress in any manner if you donate to animal rights groups like PETA. And I will be spreading the word about Cafepress to all my friends and acquaintances.

And here is the stock response I received (the same message that several others also received)

Dear Starbreeze,

We work with numerous non-profit partners on many different levels, and the causes they support have a wide range. Just as we do in our diverse marketplace of user designed merchandise, we try to support the causes that appeal to the widest range of CafePress members, knowing well that many customers will not like or agree with the missions of all our partners. We're sorry to hear our partnership with PETA has disappointed you, we hope you'll find our affiliations with other non profit organizations (such Green Peace, Carbon Find, Rock the Vote, Operation Gratitude, March of Dimes, ASPCA and many others) will be more palatable.

If there is anything else I can do for you please let me know.
We hope we have answered all of your questions. If not, please chat with us now.(Mon-Fri)

Best Regards,

Jennifer S.
CafePress.com Support Representative

1-877-809-1659 Toll-Free (US)
1-402-517-4480 International
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM EST, Monday - Saturday
(0800) 073 1484 Toll-Free (UK)
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM GMT, Monday - Friday

Gosh, I don't know about you, but the only group among the above that I find "palatable" is the March of Dimes.

So much for Cafe Press and Zazzle! Thankfully, we still have other print services to use, such as Clearsky24 and VistaPrint. Hopefully, some of these other companies with be more discriminating in their affiliations!

Refuse to patronize organizations that promote such heinous hate crimes. Just Say No to Zazzle and Cafe Press.



  1. My attempt to complain was met with this reply (bottom) and my counter reply (top) BTW: I did cc my local FBI field office!

    Thank you for letting me know of your hands off policy.

    I will forward the information to the FBI to be considered under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and for Domestic Terrorism.

    Your client is advocating the murder of those who breed dogs. The comments are threatening and intimidating in nature. S/He is not making a peaceful protest. I believe that the encouragement of this individual through the propaganda being distributed on your website has the potential to end in the murder of someone who breeds dogs.

    Thank you for your response.

    Karen *********

    From: Cafepress.com Content Usage Team
    To: Karen <**********@*********>
    Sent: Tue, March 22, 2011 6:14:13 PM
    Subject: RE: Contact Us Webform [LTK###########X]

    Dear Karen,

    Thank you for contacting CafePress.com!

    As you may know, CafePress.com provides an automated service to a rich and vibrant community of individuals across the globe who differ in their views about what is considered offensive. All product images and ideas used in connection with the CafePress.com Service have been provided to CafePress.com by users and do not reflect the opinions of CafePress.com. While we don’t endorse any particular position, we respect the right of individuals to express their own opinions. Thank you for bringing this content to our attention.

    Your ticket code is LTK##########X. Please use this code in any further communication.

    Best Regards,

    Lester B.
    Content Usage Associate
    (650) 655-3104 (O)
    (650) 240-0260 (F)

    Disclaimer: The information contained in this email is provided solely for informational purposes
    and does not constitute legal advice. CafePress.com is not a law firm and is not a substitute for an
    attorney. If you require legal advice, please consult an attorney who is authorized to practice law
    in your jurisdiction.

  2. what in the world is wrong with operation gratitude who supports our troops with care packages???

  3. Hi Anonymous, it seems the point of the post escaped you. It's PETA and other animal rights groups who are the enemy of pets and their owners, and Zazzle and CafePress support those groups.
    Anyone who wishes to independently support Operation Gratitude, March of Dimes, (or any other genuine "charity" that provide service to mankind) is just aces with me!

  4. I also contacted cafePress and received a similar response. It was pretty clear that the staff did not grasp the issues of the sale of the products as a part of a campaign to kill people. Beause I was dissatisfied with the glib response, I contacted the company that filed the ISP Mark, Monitor, as well as the dns server administrator. Mark Monitor replied immediately that while did not own the site, they forwarded my concerns of public safety.

    This morning I notied that the products are no longer listed--with the exception of orders for "private party invitations with logo of "Euthanize a breeder".

    I assume that the CafePress execs preferred to distance themselves from any possible association that promoted violence, and I consider that a wise business decision. Zazzle has also now taken the products down.

    Clearly there is inventory to be sold with a segment of the public that is willing to promote the killing of dog breeders and wear their homicidal tendencies on their backs for all to see.

  5. What I want to know is why Peta and HSUS won't go up against Hunte Corp.? They are the biggest puppy mill in the United States. They produce puppies specifically for pet shops that they own.

    I know this isn't part of the topic at hand, but I thought it needs to be brought to attention too.

  6. PETA and HSUS are too busy with their campaign to tar and feather ALL breeders. From the small at-home hobby breeder, to the large commercial breeder, they crusade against everyone. They don't leave anyone out!
    Also, Hunte does not produce puppies. They are brokers. They buy puppies from commercial breeders to be resold at retail. Not my preference, but as long as it remains legal and the pups treated humanely then I have no beef with this system. There have been rare instances of pups dying in shipment. This is a violation of the AWA and the persons involved are sanctioned.
    There are extensive regulations on commercial breeding and sales of puppies.

  7. It seems CafePress doesn't care about the facts. They're too busy promoting the AR propaganda. It would be interesting to see the results of a court case against them if a breeder were murdered because of this...I pray it doesn't have to happen for them to wake up and smell the doodoo where it lies.

  8. Someone should fire back by making things that say "Do animals a REAL favor, euthanize PETA" (or HSUS)

  9. Liz Huffman wants to know why PETA and HSUS don't
    "go up against the Hunte Corporation"? Maybe because Hunte is a completely legal entity operating legally and wealthy enough to sue the
    bejesus out of PETA and HSUS for interfering
    with Hunte operations.

  10. Small breeders make the easiest target.
    All breeders need to be sticking up for each other.

  11. I find this discussion interesting because we recently purchased a puppy-mill pup who is turning out to be a great dog, and I am considering whether to spay her or possibly breed her when she's older. I'm conflicted about the puppy-mill aspect - whatever the laws and regulations are, I know many of these dogs are NOT treated humanely, and where there's money to be made there are ways of bending any rule. But it's clear to me that the PC line - "don't buy from pet stores or puppy mills" - is never going to change that. "Reputable" breeders are so full of themselves - and in my opinion destroying many a breed in the process - that the ordinary person has few other options. What we really need are campaigns to enact and enforce humane laws, and a better attitude toward small breeders.

    The last time I had purebred dogs, almost 40 years ago, it was respectable to be a backyard breeder - now my veterinarian's receptionist looks at me like I'm a leper when I say I'm considering not spaying!

  12. Annie G: Yes, abuse and treatment of the dogs in a Puppy Mill are of great concern. But another big problem with Puppy Mills is the disregard for breeding "quality" dogs. Many of them will breed brother to sister if those are the two dogs available at the time the female is in season. Puppy Mill dogs, though they may have a good personality, tend to have some serious health issues later on in life.

    Personally, I recommend spaying your dog. Spaying her will help with issues such as cancer in the reporductive system as well as help her to settle down and keep her focus on making you happy all the time.

    Proper breeding is very costly. It's not just a matter of finding an intact male and breeding him to your female while she is in heat. Both dogs should have a number of health tests done to include: hips, elbows, cardiac, and ataxia just to name a few. Many of these tests requiring sedating the dogs to have x-rays performed. Ask your vet one day to see what they charge for these costs. It's often in the hundreds per test (which then have to be sent out to be studied by a specialist which adds even more to the cost). The care of the female during her pregnancy is also costly. It requires multiple vet visits throughout her term one of which usually includes x-rays to determine approx how many pups can be expected at birth. You are also looking at increased food and the cost associated with that. And all of this is in just a 60 day period! Then you have the cost associated with after birth (assuming that there are no complications where emergency vet care is needed = $$$). A lactating female eats even more food and eventually the puppies will be eating that food as well. Finally, you, as the owner, has teh responsibility of ensuring a safe and hopefully permenant home for all of the puppies. Most dogs have litters between 8 and 12 puppies. Though some can have litters of 18. Are you prepared to keep any puppies that you don't sell? What if you're left with 6 puppies that people don't want? Now you went from a family with 1 dog to a family with 7. Not only are the food and vet costs going to be a small fortune, but what if your family wants to go on vacation? Can you take 7 dogs with you? Boarding them at $20 a day (which is very inexpensive) will cost you $140 a day! Having a sitter come in to care for them won't be that much cheaper.

    Breeding should be used to produce a better quality dog and improve the breed, not just to have puppies because your dog is a nice dog. When you breed, you introduce an entire new set of genes and when you mix genes, you never know what you are going to get. Most likely, you won't get one puppy that acts just like the great dog that you were hoping to reproduce.

    "Responsible" breeding is a huge undertaking. Every avenue needs to be considered and your financial situation needs to be looked at seriously. Any responsible breeder will tell you that you are more likely to lose money on a litter then make money. The reason they do it is because they love the breed and want to see it grow stronger.


  13. I just checked the merchandise link. It looks like the merchandise has been removed. :)


  14. I would proudly wear that shirt. For you idiots who can't figure it out, it means: If there weren't breeders using dogs to make a dishonest dollar then there wouldn't be as many homeless dogs in sheters to euthanize. So if a breeder doesn't care about the shelter dog getting euthanized, then let's just euthanize the breeder to get the point across, since they can't get it any other way. IDIOTS!!!!!

  15. If there were no dog breeders, there would be no dogs. There will ALWAYS be unwanted dogs as long as dogs are legal to own as pets. We can't even stop people from abandoning their own children. The only way to get rid of unwanted pets is to spay/neuter them out of existence, which is exactly what animal rights groups want. They want all domesticated animals gone.

    The majority of dogs in the shelters HAD homes. They're not excess dogs from breeders. Breeders who offer to take back the animals they produce are not "stealing" homes from shelter dogs. If someone goes to a breeder, they weren't planning on getting a shelter dog in the first place. If Joe Blow dumps his dog at the shelter because he's bored of it, that is not the fault of a breeder.

    And why is breeding dogs "dishonest," even if you only break even, but its okay to make money selling cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, silk worms, crickets, and countless other animals bred for profit? Why are dogs above this?

  16. I have to use a printer like these for my business. I hunted around and discovered Vistaprint appears to be a-political. Try them out please. I am not affiliated with them but the products are fine and they have never shown an agenda that I can tell. Been very happy to have a way to NOT use Cafepress and Zazzle for the last couple of years.

  17. I use Vistaprint for my business cards. Creative designs, great quality, and awesome service.

  18. I also have a "puppy mill" dog who is healthy and active,and is un altered and 5 years old now. The breeder wasn't even bad,they took care of their dogs,they just had one old dog with cancer that probably should've been euthanized but wasn't,and now their gone.
    Although dog aggression has been more breed out of Pit bulls,all the mix breeding I think has made them more nervous and even human aggressive. If you care about a breed,their needs to be breeders to breed stable and healthy dogs. Eventually they would die out,mix breeding will kill out species(or breeds) over time. Even if you have a mutt,like me,think about how it would be like if only mutts breed. That's only if not all dogs are neutered and they just all die out.