Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's called CHOICE!

Commentary from a dog list regarding stated support for the role of HSUS in the Missouri voter initiative that limits number of dogs that may be owned. Posted here with permission of the original author.

We Americans have been lied to and cheated by HSUS. I respect every person's right to have only one dog if they choose-or none at all. I respect the commercial breeders who do a good job of caring for and raising good animals. I definitely respect show breeders who give more than anyone to their individual breeds. I do not accept anyone telling me how many dogs I can own, or how many children I can have, or anything that strips me of my freedom given by the constitution. It is why I have stayed in America. Therefore I cannot agree with or respect anyone's decision to try to interfere with my choices in life. It is my business. I do not attempt to dictate to others what basic choices they make for their lives and only ask that they do the same in return. What you feel may be right for you-could be disastrous for another person. To impose your will on another is unfair to say the least. We are not all cut from the same cookie cutter. That said-I can't help but wonder where you would find your next dog if everyone followed your plan of action. Truly-there would be no dogs for most people-only the very wealthy could afford to own a dog. That would be a sad condition for a country that loves it's pets as much as Americans love theirs. That has happened in many countries in the past-after wars or animal rights organizations "reformed" their legal structure concerning breeding and owning pets.

Your comment was:

"I also doubt if this would affect any show breeders or hobby

breeders with limited amounts of dogs, simply for the fact that

there would be no reason for neglect and no HSUS

mind....good breeders should continue to breed. "

I do so wish this were true-but it isn't. Show breeders have been heavy targets for HSUS for at least the last decade-and it is getting worse!!! They have caused breeders and rescue people to be arrested, fined, harassed, and stolen their dogs and killed most of them over and over in every state in the union. The breeder that President Obama got his Portugese Water Dog from ended up being a huge target for HSUS-largely because they were miffed that he chose a purebred-from a breeder-over a shelter dog. Make no mistake about it-HSUS ruins people's lives and murders their dogs. If you fly under the radar-stay there-as if you are noticed-they will come for you-no matter how good your are as a breeder or your care of your dogs. In the meantime-check out all you can find on pet law list or or petlegislation list. They are both good. Then go talk to every lawmaker in your county about laws that may be devastating to breeders. Above all-never trust that HSUS has the animals best interests at heart. They most definitely do NOT!