Sunday, November 23, 2014

Big Bucks in Retail Rescue!

How would you like to own the beautiful dogs pictured above? Friendly, healthy, happy, well-groomed, tail-wagging purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. RAISING MY HAND here! I'd like to have ALL of them.

The owner, a USDA licensed breeder, has obviously taken very good care of them. And apparently just got paid off, BIG TIME!

Several "Rescue" groups heard that these dogs would be made available by the owner at public auction. One rescue group actually set up a "Go Fund Me" page for the purpose of bidding on the dogs. In less than two weeks, this one rescue group raised......are you ready for this?......over $183,000!

I'm not sure how many dogs this one particular group bought for the purpose of reselling at retail, but if they bought all 108 of the dogs mentioned in the article, they would immediately have available about $1700 to spend on each and every dog! I'm sure the original owner is laughing all the way to the bank, for getting a big price for these retired breeding dogs.

Not to mention, the "rescue" will be SELLING them soon to the public. Probably for several hundred dollars apiece. 

That's ends up netting them over $2000 per dog. Pay for a dental, a quick-snip castration, and WALA! A fast and easy profit.

And they say dog breeders are money-grubbing "puppy mills"! Pot, meet kettle!

Dog breeders don't have bleeding heart donations from fraudulent "Go Fund Me" pages to help them pay their mortgages and veterinary expenses. 

Dog breeders must pay for a Federal license. They have to be inspected. They are required to provide proper care and treatment of their dogs, BY LAW. They have to pay a LOT of money to keep their premises in acceptable conditions, to provide regular veterinary care, to pay for permits and fees. They have people watching to make sure that drinking water is fresh, that any medications used are in date, that accommodations are roomy enough.

"Rescues", who in cases like this are really nothing but Retail Rescue pond scum, have NO REGULATION. No care standards, nobody watching to make sure they take good care of their charges. And indeed, we have seen MANY rescues in recent years busted for animal neglect and cruelty. 

Any other pet dealer has to be licensed by USDA, but apparently not if you are a self-proclaimed "rescue".

Yet, in the eyes of the public,dog breeders are the "greeders", the bad guys! Dog breeders want to MAKE MONEY!!!!

I ask you, how else can one pay for dog food?

But that doesn't stop people from justifying this insane action. Why, they are saving these dogs from a fate worse than death! Being used for BREEDING!  The awful original owner had 100 dogs and was a PUPPY MILL!!

And they are putting this horrible, dog-abusing "miller" out of By paying him big bucks for his dogs? 

Good plan.

Maybe he can retire...or maybe, he can take that money and go out and buy a whole bunch of new dogs to continue his breeding program. 

Good for him! Take the money, because you sure ain't gettin' no respect. Hey, maybe you can get the rescue groups to buy dogs from you again! A lot more profitable than breeding, and easier, too.

The donations for the PET STORE DEALER oops, sorry, I mean "Rescue", continue to stream in from John Q. Public. I guess Obamacare's "architect" Gruber was right after all when he said people are stupid. You can check here to see how much money to date the "rescue" group has raised from all the bleeding heart dummies out there. Maybe it'll be up to a $$ quarter million $$ in another week or so. 

That'll buy a whole lotta halo polish.

The 'abused' dogs one day after purchase. So sick, neglected and terrified due to their awful lives with an EEEEEVIL

News flash..... had to update this as I find out more. There was actually raised a total amount of over $350,000 to buy these hundred dogs! Sucker born every minute!


  1. File this one in the fiction section because that is all it is!

  2. It just keeps getting better! According to one of the numbskulls involved in the scheme, they raised a total of $350,000! Oh, but it's OK because they used agents! HAHAHAHA!!!!
    Lana Adair>>"ACKCSC Trust Rescue and the CR USA did not purchase the dogs at the auction. Two individuals set up separate funds and people donated to these individuals to purchase the dogs at the auction. The USDA did not take her license. She requested a one time exemption for a full kennel dispersal. You or anyone else who does not agree with purchasing dogs at auction do not have to donate. This is America. Those of us who wish to donate to help purchase these dogs can do so and did to the tune of about $350,000. After purchasing the dogs, they were turned over to rescue. I'm proud to be a part of a community that would raise this kind of money in such a short period of time to save these dogs from what was sure to be a life of hell with puppy millers."
    Yes horrible "puppy millers" whose big crime seems to be owning and breeding dogs. There was a video released immediately after the dogs were bought showing them happy, healthy, shiny coats, well-groomed and all wagging tails and giving out kisses. Sure signs of abuse!

    1. You are so full of the author. These dogs were purchased at well over retail value, so normal people would have been unable to purchase. And they were purchased and then fixed so they would be useless for breeding. Retail rescue does not look like this normally. Normally retail rescues either steal dogs or pick up purebred strays for little to nothing so they can make a profit. I am tired of people labeling legitimate rescues as retail rescue. Now I am not justifying a few of these rescuers. Brittany Wilk and some of her partners decided to not honor an agreement and help a breeder get her dog back per her contract. These individuals are incorrigible

    2. There was NO agreement between a breeder and Brottney Wilk or her partners.

    3. There was NO agreement between Brittney Wilkmand her partners and said "breeder".

    4. Check the Justice for Gideon FB page- the bidder from Birmingham- acknowledged to the UK breeder- that she was aware a representative would be in attendance working on the UK breeders' behalf. She CHOOSE not to verify her identity on FB- but was able to ID another participant. The affidavit-legal document- and many more - are all there to be seen as it is now a public record. Visit the "Justice for Gideon" read the inconsistencies among their own group. Such a sad situation for ALL involved. Reputations ruined- charities will suffer- and everyone involved feels tainted by association.

    5. On Court details, there is also a statement from the breeders friend. She states quite clearly, that whilst she was standing at Gideons cage, Angie Ingram and another woman came up to said cage. The breeders friend introduced herself - FACE TO FACE to Angie Ingram, who totally ignored her and walked away. The other person then made a remark to the breeders friend, where the F word was used. That just goes to show how very classy these people are

  3. While I generally appreciate your articles, and while I am WELL AWARE of the "retail rescue" industry, you may want to check your sources on the folks who participated in this operation. I do NOT condone or think it even logical to spend this much money on these dogs, nor do I think that they were in poor health -- but it it is my understanding that the Parent Club rescue and affiliated breed club rescues were the main players in this "purchase". They are prone to vilifying the breeder who ran these dogs through the auction, and they do not support the commercial industry at all. But I sincerely believe that this is not a standard case of rescues buying dogs to sell for profit.

  4. Whether or not the dogs needed “rescuing” is not relevant. The fact that they used it as a means of raising big bucks to get product to see IS. What I don’t understand is that every state has animal abuse and cruelty laws. If the owners/breeders of the “rescued” dogs were committing a crime, why were they not being cited? Why were the police not involved? Why were they allowed to continue what they were doing? Not having enough manpower to enforce is not an answer. A crime is a crime. And as long as they have not been accuse of a crime, no one has the right to call them criminals. If they saw evidence of abuse on the dogs, whining about it on a public forum is irresponsible. The police should have been involved. Raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to rescue 98 dogs is unbelievably, out of this world, bullshit. That they can say it with a straight face boggles the mind. They conspired to make sure they got the dogs, which, last I heard, was collusion, then they fixed whatever minor problems there were and in addition to the money left after purchasing the dogs, made a profit out of selling. If these were true “puppy mill” dogs as the phrase used to be defined, they would be dogs who had never been out of their cages, had toenails growing into their pads and couldn’t walk, had never set foot on grass, were so matted that their legs were fused together. Had raging ear infections and rotted teeth, prolapsed uteri from nonstop breeding, and whatever else you can think of. THOSE are puppy mill dogs. And THOSE are the owners who should be arrested and jailed and their operation shut down…by the police, not some do-gooder rescue group and/or HSUS. This situation in no way fits that definition. It’s as stupid as the way any breeders are now called puppy millers, even if they have been reputable breeders of top lines for decades.

  5. I don't know the answers, but raising over $330k to buy dogs
    at an auction, with more donations for spay/neuter and the usual health
    issues that most breeders have at one time or another (who hasn't brought a
    few fleas back from a dog show?), then selling them all - that doesn't seem
    like a rescue - no matter how well-intended.

    Am I happy for the dogs? I don't know...I know I fear the same things
    happening to every show breeder, dogs taken, breeding programs neutered,
    years of work down the drain. So I'm sorry if I'm skeptical of an operation
    like this. I'm NOT anti-rescue at all. I have done rescue. It just didn't
    look like this (nor did my bank account, or that of my breed rescue).

  6. It is not about the dogs! That is right! Follow that money trail. For starters, that photo isn't even the breeder's dogs. Yep... good old "rescue" lies and says that is so and so's dogs. The truth is the following.

    The breeder had been in bad health for a while. Not bad enough to not take care of things, but declining enough to start to make some reduction changes. The breeder placed several dogs that were older and NOT from her bloodlines with a woman she thought she could trust. Turns out that person severed their health records from the dogs and placed them (got PAID!) to put them into breed rescue! If that were not bad enough, she attached this Breeder Of Merit's name to the now "homeless" dogs. Breed rescue smelled blood.

    They went after this breeder with everything they could. After PASSING AKC inspections, State Inspections, County Inspections and USDA Inspections, the breed club and it's members ganged up with death threats, hate mail, posts online and a huge bashing session started.

    A lawyer hooked into rescue and making a tidy sum off this escapade, decide to make this her personal quest using her social media page in order to goad and spear head the matter. That lawyer used photos, like the one above, that are NOT that breeders's Cavaliers! Using photos that no one knows where they came from, they whipped up the Cavalier breeders into an even greater frenzy.

    The harassment became so bad that the breeders spouse left - leaving this Cavalier breeder abandoned. The phone wouldn't stop ringing with other Cavalier breeders begging to buy the dogs for ridiculously low prices in the guise of "helping". Pushed beyond the limits the breeder did the only thing they could figure out to do. A one time exemption from USDA to let the competing Cavalier Breeders bid against each other to get the bloodlines they had never been able to get from that breeder before was granted. Those old and special genetics had not been released to other breeders.
    The Cavalier Breeders were elated! Calling non-stop to find out which dogs to purchase at the auction for their breeding programs.

  7. But "rescue" wasn't pleased. Their cash cow was going to escape! Fund raising started. As if the slander and threats had been bad before, now it was 100X worse! As stated in this really good blog post, the amount of funding raised was startling, but it didn't stop there. Once at the auction "rescue" stood 4 people deep to prevent others from bidding. They sat on cars, and followed buyers home in order to buy back dogs that were purchased at the auction. Dogs that sold for $25,000.00 were "bought back" for $50,000.00 as "rescue" agents tormented other auction attendees. The lawyer with $$ in her eyes was there to get her photo in the press and use this for her own gain.

    "Rescues" greed knowing no bounds, they are going up to "save" more dogs that have nothing to do with that breeder at the next auction. Meanwhile, they are doing their best to make sure they get all the money they spent at the auction back via law suits and any other means possible, in addition to having ruined several human lives in the process. It has been said they could have easily built 2 or more facilities for dogs in serious need instead of swooping over to bid on dogs who already had health certificates. Indeed, that is a very true statement.

    In the not yet cleared aftermath, what about the dogs?

    Once 34 or so of the dogs were brought BACK to the state from which they came, it is time for MORE money for them to pour in. The figures are still climbing, and better yet, after only one short week of "rehab" all the dogs have been adopted out at a very tidy profit. Totally recovered and fully leash and command trained in just a week! They even have photos with 20+ sitting beautifully on command posing for photos. Quite a change from "neglected and abused dogs". Give us a break, they were all trained prior! Better yet, they don't want this one leaked out. Only 5-7 of these Cavaliers were ever even bred. The rest of them had never ever been used for breeding. Some "puppy mill" huh, to not breed 4-5 year old dogs even once.

    Cavalier Breed Rescue will pay breeders $2,500.00 per dog or higher. Wonder what the adoption fees are? Oh, and how to get black balled - just ask the one Cavalier breeder who went to the auction to "buy back" 3 of her dogs. Instead she bought a beautiful boy for her breeding program. From the looks of things online, she will be the next one forced to sell all her dogs to breed rescue for being a "puppy mill".

    No. It wasn't, and still is not a rescue. It is a new way for "Rescue" to get lots of money from the kind hearted folks who don't know the truth and believe whatever they read or whatever photos are shown, even when it is all lies, smoke and mirrors.

  8. One more think I planned to add. What about the Breed Of Merit status? Why did AKC take that away from this breeder? Was it because they were bad? No. It wasn't! When the breed clubs and their members viciously turned on this breeder they left the club. Little did they know that AKC would use that against them. After all, it is a club and takes away NONE of the wins or health testing from showing dogs. Once the breeder was told they were loosing this hard won AKC title - they considered getting back into a breed club. However, the other Cavalier breeders had flooded AKC with "we don't want her" and hate mail, so that AKC then said - we can't put you back in unless you not only join one of your breed clubs again, but also re-certify all the OFA (hip testing) and eye testing, and heart testing. This means thousands more dollars that were already spent testing the dogs. Just another way that AKC fails to back true loving breeders.

  9. And the owner didn't get any of the money so before you post something like this you should check your facts...who is laughing at who now?

    1. We will. You set up the GoFundMe site in your personal name, not a 501c not for profit so you will be getting a 1099K form from them and your sidekick got all that money dumped into her personal PayPal account which will be taxed as income to her.

  10. I'm laughing at all the morons who were fleeced out of their money by these pet flippers. This is the most unethical thing I have heard in ages, and it really isn't funny anyway. These people buying the dogs are the lowest of the low.

  11. And oh, nope... this breeder was NOT a USDA breeder. The breeder got a ONE time exemption to do this. Prior this breeder has just been a medium sized show breeder for quite a while.
    And that photo is NOT even her dogs. Amazing how rescue does that isn't it!
    She had 60 or fewer dogs in the auction, they bought everything there, every breed, and then attributed all of them to this breeder.
    Nice work if you can get it.

  12. This was a smear campaign to give lots of notoriety to a few of the "Woman of Birmingham" who claimed they were collecting money representing the Cavalier Club USA who of course said they were not behind this sham. But, the Woman turned the 47 dogs they bought over to the "rescue group" who claimed they don't condone buying dogs for rescue but of course kept the cream of the crop for themselves. But, I contacted GoFundMe and found out the fundraising site was in one of the Ladies name personally and the other one got about $80,000 dumped into her personal PayPal account. So Woman of Birmingham, you will have to pay income tax on all the money raised. the IRS will make sure of that. and we will make sure they know about your PERSONAL INCOME. You can't fly under the radar and pretend to be a 501c non profit. We have verified it was set up as a personal account. HA HA

  13. This is the list of dogs this group received, how much was paid and in some cases where they went:
    3 Rock Cliff Haley 2900
    4 Rock Cliff Hana (now Mabel) (Jaime Flowers) 2900
    5 Rock Cliff Heather 2900
    6 Rock Cliff Dark Angel 2900
    7 Rock Cliff Cherry Oh Baby (Lisa Thompson) 2900
    8 Rock Cliff Clara 2800
    9 Rock Cliff Dakota To Decatur (Kelly Bonta Willie) 2800
    10 Rock Cliff Haute Couture 2800
    11 Rock Cliff Vanessa 2800
    12 Rock Cliff Farm Lizzy Rose 2800
    13 Rock Cliff Mason (adopted through CRUSA) 4500
    14 Rock Cliff Jude (patella surg)-now Haven (Jasmine Lawson-JazzyJ collars 4500
    15 Rock Cliff Farrah (now Violet) (Lisa Raines Foote) 4500
    16 Rock Cliff Farm Macie 4500
    17 Rock Cliff Valerie 4500
    18 Rock Cliffs I Will Swallow my Pride 6200
    19 Rock Cliff Joni Girl 6200
    20 Unrg Rogue x Holly 6200
    21 Rock Cliffs A Little Bit of Spice 6200
    22 Unre Female 6200
    23 Rock Cliff Royal Sophia 3250
    24 Rock Cliff Cassie 3250
    25 Rock Cliff Debra 3250
    26 Rock Cliff Farm Danella 3250
    27 Rock Cliff Charlottes Web 3250
    28 Rock Cliff Corabelle (adopted through CRUSA) 3700
    29 Rock Cliff Sunshine Dynasty Anett (adopted through CRUSA) 3700
    30 Rock Cliff Smoke on the Water 3700
    31 Rock Cliff Christine 3700
    32 Rock Cliff Regina 3700
    34 Rock Cliff Shasta Daisy (adopted through CRUSA) 3600
    35 Rock Cliffs Golden Girl - now Ruthie (Martha Keener Bryant) 3600
    44 Rock Cliff Happy-Go-Lucky (Brittney Wilk) 3750
    57 Rock Cliff Farm Marchesa (adopted through CRUSA) 3850
    58 Rock Cliffs Jossalyn 3850
    61 Rock Cliff Farm Flica 3600
    62 Rock Cliff Screaming Nana 3600
    63 Rock Cliff Brandy Wine 3600
    87 Harper (Mary Louise Guerry-Force; may have another one also) 3250
    95 Sedeki Yeats to Rock Cliff 4300
    96 Pomelo Gideon to Rock Cliff (Mandy Markham Johnson) 4300
    97 Rock Cliff Atelier 4300
    98 Runabout Rocky 4300
    99 Buster Tri 7 years 4300
    65 Rock Cliff Farm Shiloh (now Parker) (Crys Carnes) 10000
    86 Rock Cliff Royal Victor (Angie Ingram) 10000

    1. How much did these dogs go for....I know for far less than the rescuers paid.

  14. Legitimate breeders usually have a 'return the dog for any reason at any time' lifetime guarantee as well as making the owner sign a contract to spay or neuter the dog. Of course this is the opposite of backyard breeders.