Friday, June 27, 2014

All the News That's Fit to Print...(and some that isn't)

Cringeworthy, but still we must be aware and vigilant. These institutions kill without reason, remorse or repercussions.

In this week's news:

Baltimore police hold down a family pet Shar Pei dog and SLIT HER THROAT. Officer was overheard by bystanders to remark he intended to “gut her”.

Then, police in a Salt Lake City, Utah neighborhood enter a gated, locked back yard in a search for a missing child, and shoot the Weimaraner dog that lived there. In the head. Twice. Oops, dead dog. Meanwhile, missing kid safe at home. False alarm.

Now today comes a story about a dog pound (I refuse to call them “shelters” because they aren't) in Lubbock, Texas, that kills a beautiful healthy friendly pet cat whose owner came in twice to reclaim her. Both times the owner was turned away. The cat was microchipped, but they never bothered to scan her. The owner found his pet on his own. Found her, but couldn't get her back from the killing bastards at the dog pound.

But what the heck, they are just animals with no value and it shouldn't be regarded any differently than, say, damage to your house, car or yard.

Right, AKC?