Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Emotion Influences Perspective

Two commercials. Both feature dogs lost by careless owners. In both ads, both puppies manage to make their way back to their respective homes after braving multiple perils. In the Budweiser commercial, the puppy comes back home to stay, while in the Go Daddy ad, however, the puppy comes home only to be put onto another truck, having been sold by the owner or breeder as a result of advertising on GoDaddy. 
AKC and animal rights groups protested the Go Daddy ad, and GoDaddy consequently pulled the ad. No one, however, found any criticism for the Budweiser owner who carelessly loses his dog in traffic. 
Now, I don't much relish the "greeder evil breeder" stereotype presented in the GoDaddy ad, but seriously? We are offended because.....the dog is sold and shipped to a new home? Not to mention, this was meant to be a spoofy ad making fun of the pollyanna-esque Budweiser stuff, like their sappy "dog adoption" ad from last year. Come on AKC, lighten up. Don't over-react to the crime of selling and shipping a dog. It's OK. Really, it is. Let's leave the righteous indignation to the animal rights nuts.