Monday, March 21, 2011

Always one step ahead of us

Another "surprise"! Don't you just love that there's never a dull moment when fighting the relentless assault perpetrated by these animal rights extremists?

Here's the latest news from "PawPac", an AR fanatic legislative group in California. They support two new bills related to spay-neuter (of course) is a tax form donation fund, the other bill has to do with.....(drum roll)

Decreasing the number of license plates they need to have for their minimum to get them onto the back end of cars!!! Instead of 7500, they want to be able to have those cute little plates roll out once they reach just 2500 orders.

The cheek of these sneaky PETArds!

Here's part of the notice from PawPac:

AB 564 by Cameron Smyth re: Spay/Neuter Tax Check-Off. Support.

Re-authorizes the tax check-off for spay/neuter and requires tax preparers to tell their clients about the opportunity to donate to the fund for spay/neuter.
To Be Heard: Assembly Revenue and Taxation. April 4
Tell legislators the check-off is a great way for tax payers to fight pet overpopulation .
Oh, my. We certainly must continue to bombard legislators with that Big Lie of pet overpopulation. Can't let up on that! But, here is the REALLY big ambush of the year:
AB 610 by Jose Solorio re: Spay/Neuter License Plates. Support.
Lowers the number of license plate orders from 7,500 to 2,500 required for the program to begin and allows for private donations to the fund for spay/neuter.
To Be Heard: Assembly Transportation. April 4.
Tell legislators the Spay/Neuter License Plates are a great way for the public to support spay/neuter and other programs covered by the special license plates.

"And OTHER programs? Gee I wonder what THOSE might be. Hmmm...funny how we aren't hearing anything about what those OTHER programs might be. Another big surprise in store for California's pet owners in the near future, no doubt!
I guess if one can't get enough public support, just officially lower the minimum standards to the whatever-it-takes level. Shouldn't be too difficult to get those "ay" votes after lining the pockets of plenty of liberal legislators.

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