Monday, August 20, 2018

Bo Bengston, There You Go Again!

Bo Bengston is at it again. In 2014 we did an extensive report on his two blatant anti-breeder misanthropist opinion pieces printed in Best in Show Daily.*

Now, the malice monger is denigrating greyhound racing; a time-honored tradition and exactly what the dogs are bred for! Mr. Bengston, a long-time whippet breeder, owns the "Sighthound Review" journal and recently posted this opinion on the Facebook page for his magazine (My comments in bold): 

Several fanciers have asked why SR turned down paid advertising on behalf of the racing Greyhound business in Florida, one of the few states in the U.S. to not yet have outlawed it - although a proposition to do so may be put on the November ballot. We did offer to publish the ad provided that only hobby racing was promoted. This offer was rejected, naturally, since the group behind the ad represents the commercial Greyhound racing business.

And What is wrong with a commercial business? That's the American way! How else does one pay for kennel upkeep, dog food and veterinary bills? How does one afford show expenses, if you choose to show? And Hobby racing is OK, but commercial racing isn't? What's the difference? If racing is cruel, surely it's cruel regardless of whether or not money involved? Isn;t the risk of injury just the same? Accidents can happen anyplace or time, they don't happen only if wagering is involved. 

Anyone who knows Greyhounds will be aware that they love to run, even at the risk of serious injuries. We do not doubt that some individuals in the racing business take good care of their dogs, at least as long as they run profitably, although living conditions are often unacceptable. Also, although advances have been made in the re-homing of ex-racers, any activity that discards dogs not yet past half their lifespan can hardly be in it "for the love of the dogs."

How do you know what the living conditions are like in Florida kennels? Have you visited any? Since you live in California, I doubt it. How many who show their dogs re-home them once their show career is finished? Yep, LOTS of them. I suppose they don't love their dogs? What's wrong with giving your dog a great home once it's career is over, whether it's a show career or a racing career? Rehoming signals that the owners cares about the well being of the dog and wants it to have a happy home with love and attention. Oh, the horror!

However, what will ultimately convince anyone who loves Greyhounds that commercial dog racing must end is that the figures do not add up. Greyhound bitches on the average produce 6-8 puppies per litter, and those that do not make the grade as racers are discarded. How many thousands of Greyhounds that have been put to sleep in the past we'll never know, but it's a frightening number.

Proof, please, that puppies are being killed. Anyone can speculate. If they are only interested in money, why would they kill puppies who could be sold for a decent amount of money? And, if puppies go to homes, what's the problem?

I would like to believe that the individuals who submitted the ad were in good faith, naively believing in their own story. However, the abuse heaped upon me and Sighthound Review for refusing to publish the ad makes this difficult to believe.

Sounds to me like you are the one who naively believes a false narrative. How dare you insult others you don't even know! 

If this stance is unpopular and puts us on the same side as a few organizations we do not otherwise support, too bad. Commercial Greyhound racing must end; anyone who disagrees with that cannot honestly say they love dogs.

You,sir, are not the appointed judge or jury of other members of society. Go ahead and team up with HSUS, ASPCA and other groups that would take your own dogs from you in a minute, you would receive poetic justice as your fate. Unfortunately, it's our descendants who will suffer the effects of your foolishness. 

You wouldn't want bull fighting to be legal in the U.S., would you?

What an assinine comment. It doesn't even deserve an answer because it is so insanely stupid, but I'll try. You are equating the intentional infliction of physical injury and death with racing, which of course is a false narrative. Didn't you yourself admit greyhounds love to run? And since that is true, you yourself support "hobby racing" so gee,  maybe you support bullfighting too? Your twisted arguments are insane.

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Typical of all autocrats, no dissention or discussion is allowed. I can only hope and pray that your subscriptions dry up, your bank account withers away, and you have to worry about how to support yourself and your dogs. Maybe then you will view puppy sales and income from your dog hobby as most breeders a beneficial way to provide a service to your fellow citizens, and a necessary method to afford to keep your dogs.

*You can read "Best in Sanctimony here.

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