Friday, September 30, 2011

A PETA Petition

PETA is using the White House petition website in an attempt to push their radical "no more pets" legislative agenda. Nearly 10,000 people have signed their petition, (including over 5,000 signatures in the first 24 hours) which calls for a nationwide mandate that all dogs and cats be sterilized!!/petition/stop-animal-homelessness-its-roots/kxBLFMx8

Well, since PETA kills over 94% of the dogs and cats that they claim to "save" I guess it's not surprising that they are proposing a nationwide pet extinction bill. Bob Barker, the unqualified simpleton celebrity "expert", is also acting as the mouthpiece to popularize this horrific idea.

Pet "overpopulation" has been thoroughly debunked, and without breeders, there would be no pets in the future. None at all!! Breeding of dogs and cats has been a time-honored pastime for thousands of years. Not to mention, the vast majority of owned pets are already sterilized. 

Yet animal extremists have managed to deliver a black eye to those people who love animals and enjoy pet stewardship and breeding. The real problem in our nation that needs to be addressed is not some phony-baloney "overpopulation", but a very real crisis of shelter mismanagement. For some reason, we have people in charge of shelters who relish killing animals rather than having the vision and dedication to save them.

Let's hope people wake up to the animal rights agenda of eliminating animals from our life before the damage is irreparable.  

More info from US Sportsmen's Alliance:


  1. Yea most shelters are probably run by PITA ( I SPELT IT THAT WAY ON PURPOSE) people hence the relishing of killing rather than placing.

  2. This is crazy.

    I cannot believe that it has received that many signatures.

    This is a contrived crisis to reach an ultimate goal of no more pets in one canine or feline generation.

    Their numbers are way, way off.

    And even if they were they would represent only a tiny fraction of the number of dogs and cats living in the country right now.

  3. Putting it into mathematical perspective:

    deaths in shelters:owned pets=<1:50

    Remove the feral cats from the equation (they are not and never will be pets), and that ratio drops to <1:100.

    That's essentially a "no kill" rate.

    "WHAT overpopulation" ?? 23 million new homes are opening up each year for pets.

    1. I disagree about feral cats, every cat i've owned was feral at one point or another, the only true statement is that most people are to fucking lazy for their own good, if you take the time any animal can be tamed and become the best pet you've ever had... I'm for catching and having ferals fixed and released.

  4. The only suggestion I have for a change in the article is the word "PETArds" Obviously it is a play on retarded which is an unwitting slam on persons that are differently abled. It may seem a minor thing but it is not if your child, or family member is challenged. Just saying.

  5. Point well taken, Maggie. I'll go in and edit that word out. Thank you.