Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Children's "puppy mill" book

The animal rights fanatics have worked long and hard to paint the image of dog breeding as abusive. Meet the next step in that process, brainwashing our children. Coming soon to a school library near you!
The POOR mothers, being forced to breed and raise puppies. We simply MUST rescue them! Those EEVIL breeders discard their older, retired females to go to new heartless they are! Thank goodness I became a "real dog". "Real dogs" never have puppies, do they? Of course not!
Animal rights kooks have admitted that they would rather see people on welfare instead of breeding dogs. They've made the act of running a small kennel so you can work from home now as morally objectionable as armed robbery or running a meth lab. 
And now they have their very own book.
Kids Are Never to Young to Learn Empathy for Animals!
Dear  friend,

Happy Tails Books has never before published a children's book because, well, we don't have children! So when Frances Smith, a teacher, came to use with a manuscript and photos for a children's picture book, we jumped at the chance to help her.
How I Became a Real Dog: A Picture Book, is "written" by Phoebe, Frances' adopted puppy mill survivor. The book chronicles the details of Phoebe's life as a mill momma and her subsequent release in words that children can understand, with pictures that are intended to teach children the reality of puppy mills and the proper care of dogs without scaring them.

We highly recommend this book as a gift for any children in your life. It's a positive "gateway" to animal advocacy and empathy for dogs who have suffered because of puppy mills.

Price: $14.95
Pages: 28 color
Ages: Approx. 6 - 10 years old

This month only, get $2 off per order.
Coupon code: realdog9

Thank you for supporting animal advocacy!

Kyla Duffy
President, Happy Tails Books


  1. We need some books of our own. "If you love your dog, thank a breeder" The story from the dog's point of view of being snatched out of a dog owner's kennel taken in a big truck in a box to a shelter when they are killed because they are "too old to be adopted" Some rescue.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I just ordered the book and will share it with my grandchildren.

  3. Hi "Anonymous".
    Ordinarily, I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone, but in a case of arrested development such as yours I would make an exception. You are probably foolish enough to feed carnivorous dogs and cats a vegan diet. And your impaired mental status is likely hereditary, so it is probably best all around if you and your family enjoy picture books about dogs, and maybe a stuffed animal or two, instead of real ones. This should be at an appropriate reading level for anyone in your family, regardless of age. Glad I could help you out here!