Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hypocrites Shilling the Ultimate Scam

Ah, the HSUS.
"Hypocrites Shilling the Ultimate Scam"
Spending the bulk of their vast fortune on lobbying for anti-animal ownership legislation. Excessive political lobbying by a 501c3 "charity" is illegal. But hey, it's not ALL spent on lobbying; they do reserve a goodly portion of their money for executive salaries and pensions.
HSUS collects donations by exploiting abused animals, all the while not providing them with any sort of meaningful assistance. Hmm, isn't that exactly what they accuse others of doing? Exploiting animals for cash? They need only look in the mirror!
  • Fay, an abused bull terrier who needed reconstructive surgery, was used for a donation appeal which drew millions, but HSUS never donated a penny to her care until called on the carpet by the actual foster caregiver. The woman who was caring for Fay stated: "I am rather sad that HSUS has chosen to use Fay in their fund drive. Fay has never received a dime from HSUS."
  • Katrina disaster was a goldmine, with HSUS raking in over $34 million in donations. The Louisiana Attorney General demanded an accounting of the funds; HSUS could only account for $7 million. A pledge by HSUS to help fund a new animal shelter in Louisiana magically ended the investigation.
  • Vick dogfighting incident. HSUS collected millions in donations, but NEVER had the dogs in their custody. HSUS urged the judge in the case to order all the dogs killed....even the puppies. Thankfully, the judge did not listen to HSUS, and REAL rescue groups successfully rehabilitated many of these dogs and placed them in homes. Later, HSUS partnered up with dogfighter Vick in an ad campaign to promote their organization and ask guessed it....more donations.
  • Scotlund Haisley, multiple illegal raids. HSUS president Wayne Pacelle: "I like the cowboy ways that Scotlund brings to the team". Haisley is now president of the radical AR group "In Defense of Animals" and heads up the Animal Rescue Corps, a group that recently conducted a raid in Tennessee that was determined to be illegal. Meanwhile, the animals are taken from their owners and sold, even when the owners are eventually cleared of any wrongdoing.
  • HSUS likes to send in moles who illegally frame animal-related businesses for purported "abuse." See RICO suit filed by Feld Entertainment, which is one of the the more blatant incidents recently made public.
  • HSUS lobbies against no-kill legislation in California and, more recently, in Texas, with their opposition to the Companion Animal Protection Act. Rather hypocritical to lobby against no-kill sheltering. But then, it seems that the hypocritical HSUS must enjoy the drama of shelter killings. In their "consultations" provided to shelters, they urge them to kill as soon as any mandatory holding period expires. The more killing, the better, seems to be their motto.
  • Ariana Huemer, an HSUS government-affairs employee, wrote a check to fugitive animal-rights bomber Daniel Andreas San Diego. The check was recovered by the FBI from the trunk of San Diego's car. San Diego, currently on the FBI's "Most Wanted" list, is presumed responsible for 10-pound shrapnel bombs detonated in 2003 at two California biomedical research companies. One of these bombs was accompanied by a "secondary" device, timed to detonate after paramedics and firefighters arrived on the scene.
  • Another stellar HSUS employee is legislative affairs staffer John Goodwin, a high school dropout and member of the domestic terrorist group "Animal Liberation Front". The ALF has been involved in arson, firebombings,and threats against farmers and scientists. "My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture," Goodwin wrote one Internet activist mailing list.
  • HSUS has made regular contributions through "Waste.Org", an organization that funds about a dozen animal rights groups that are affiliated with the Animal Liberation Front.
Let us remain ever mindful of the threats posed by HSUS and other radical animal rights groups.


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