Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You might be a Cheesehead IF....

You might be a "cheesehead" IF....

You believe that dog breeders need state regulation.

Wisconsin becomes the next state to pass an "anti-puppy mill" bill.

Setting arbitrary numeric criteria for dog sales, ownership or breeding is senseless. Someone who sells 24 dogs in a year...or one dog...or never sells a not inherently more humane or compassionate than someone who sells 25.

Once most states have these laws in place, the HSUS has admitted that the numbers will be racheted downward with future amendments. You can't sell 25, you can't sell 10, you can't sell 3......Why not just cut to the chase and make it illegal to breed as a hobby...or to own an intact dog?

Terms for obtaining permission from the state to breed are now being dictated by people who know ZIP about dog breeding. The government is assuming total control; regulating if, when, where and how we might be permitted to breed a dog....or maybe they'll just start to say NO.

After all, there are plenty of street dogs imported into the US every year from other countries.

"One generation and out" is the ominous portent for domestic animals confessed years ago by HSUS president Wayne Pacelle. Each newly enacted bill presents yet another piece of the puzzle which, when complete, will effectively spell the end of pet ownership.

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