Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How to ruin a breed


a primer

  • Only breed quality dogs that meet an extremely narrow breed standard. The more show points earned, the better.

  •  Seek out a popular sire; one who has already produced many Champions.

  • Require that every pet be sold on limited registration. Or better yet, be sterilized.

  • Withhold papers unless the buyer belongs to the breed club, shows his dogs, does health testing, and otherwise demonstrates proper ethics.

  • Avoid breeding older dogs who are plain, even if they are healthy. As a general rule, breed your dogs when they are younger.

  • Eliminate any potential carriers of genetic disease. (i.e., every dog ever born)

  • Breed for color, fashion and flash. You want something so beautiful that it will take your breath away.

  • Once you have achieved the "type" you like, stay within your line. Don't outcross.

  • Discourage new people who show an interest. Breeding is only for the knowledgable. 

  • Exercise restraint in your breeding activities. A litter or two per year is plenty.

  • Always bear in mind that the only acceptable reason to breed is for improvement.

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