Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just Say "NO" to Terrorism

A guest blog from Diane Amble....thanks Diane! Beautifully stated.

I am aghast at the sugestions that WE fanciers provide and support ANY kind of model dog breeding laws!

Have you NO IDEA what "they" (unfriendly, clueless legislators with
heavy influence from ARs) will do to your "Model Law" before the vote?

They will slice it, dice it and poison it until it is your worse nightmare!

You THINK YOU can stop that from happening to your "Model Law"?
And let's say by some miracle you get it voted into law without any change, which would be a miracle in and of itself... then what about the next year and the year after that?

Are you willing to defend your "Model Law" every year after year as the ARs carve at it?

What happens when your friendly legislators are replaced? And they will be, nothing remains the same.

This same thing was DONE in Colorado. And the people that helped put it into place REGRET REGRET REGRET

because now their own regulations are being interpreted against them by AR influenced authorities!

The only law that should be passed is one that protects the right to dog breeding free from persecution by animal rights fanatics.

WAIT! Oh, there is one already called AETA--- Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act!!!

And WHY IS IT NOT BEING ENFORCED at every level across the nation????

The ARs are VERY afraid of that Federal Law and it is being used in some cases already, mostly arson and bombings, but not as broadly as it should!

YOU should be demanding that your State authorities call in the Feds to enforce this law at every violation!

Every raid, every time a pet shop is FORCED to close, every time terrorists walk the halls of your State legislature buying influence for their criminal rackets to control every aspect of animal and food production as well as environmental laws that stop free enterprise dead in its tracks. Each of these affronts to free enterprise is killing America's economy and robbing her of JOBS and the American family's ability to provide for their own.

Wake-up and smell the ----

These fanatics will not stop until WE STOP THEM! We need to use the AETA against them in every case. We are lucky it even mentions dog breeding! Thanks to the efforts of MoFED and others that have been in this fight long before we were awakened.

The AWA (Animal Welfare Act) ALREADY addresses animal husbandry and the breeding practices of raising dogs. If this were applied to all breeders, you can kiss having your puppies in your house GOOD-BYE!

In fact, you will ALL need to BUILD kennels and keep your dogs IN THEM! Sound good? Would your zoning laws (also illegally gotten) allow the building of such?

How about considering demanding that the US and State Constitutions be UPHELD, giving us the right to FREEDOM, the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS and FREE ENTERPRISE?

Anything less is COMPROMISE and negotiations with TERRORISTS.

If you are afraid to answer your door or who may pull up in your driveway

... you are a victim of terrorism. The first base for terrorism is causing dissension and fear in the populace whether real or imagined. The second is disrupt free enterprise and thereby, the economy so that the government and law and order begins to crumble.

There is a very good reason that the FBI and Homeland Security has identified HSUS and PeTA as suspect domestic terror organizations. Read the Federal documents posted at www.hsussucks.com


Diane Amble


at www.cavotersalliance.com

Call (712) 432-8595 Press Option 7 for Call to Action Alerts

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