Sunday, December 6, 2009

HSUS...Deception for Dollars

The grossly misnomered "'Humane' Society of the US" is at it again.

Never mind that the HSUS rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars every year, yet doesn't operate a single pet shelter.

Never mind that over 96% of HSUS's income goes to administration, salaries and political lobbying.
Forget the fact that despite blatant political lobbying, the HSUS pays no taxes.

Never mind that the HSUS fails to use the money it raises during raids and disasters for the care of the affected animals.

Ignore the fact that the HSUS is opposed to no-kill sheltering methods, and often urges animal deaths. 

Never mind that the HSUS leaders come out of radical terrorist animal rights groups such as PETA and the Animal Liberation Front.

All the above facts pale in comparison to the latest HSUS deception. Read on.

 HSUS sent out a mass email this past week entreating donations based upon the plight of "Faye"; a beleaguered pit bull female whose previous owner cut off her lips. Here's the mass mailing that the HSUS sent out:

This is Faye. She survived because of you.

I’ll never forget Faye’s story. I bet you won’t, either.
Our team met her in Missouri, when The Humane Society of the United States helped rescue hundreds of animals from the horrors of dogfighting. She’d been wounded badly in a fight, and a dogfighter had mercilessly cut off her lips. She was in tough shape, but we found her in the nick of time.
Watch our moving video to see Faye’s happy ending — then become a Humane Hero with your monthly donation to our 2010 Animal Survivors Fund.
Faye’s a lucky survivor: She now sleeps in a warm bed in a safe place. To help save thousands of animals just like her in the new year, we’re doing something we’ve never done before, and it’s BIG: We’re hoping to raise a million dollars online by December 31 for our 2010 Animal Survivors Fund.

It’s ambitious — but so are our plans for saving animals next year. We’ll not only continue to help bust dogfighting rings, but we’ll also take on the individuals and industries that profit from animal suffering — from people who club baby seals to death, to those who confine animals in factory farms, to those who abuse dogs in puppy mills.

Your gift of $20.10 a month for 2010 — just 66 cents a day — can help thousands of animals like Faye not just survive, but thrive in the new year. Click here to watch Faye’s video and make your tax-deductible monthly donation today. Thank you for everything you do for animals.

John Goodwin
Manager, Animal Fighting Campaign
The Humane Society of the United States

Problem?? HSUS never lifted a finger to help Fay

Here's the REAL story on Fay.

Comment by Gale - December 3, 2009 @ 9:13 pm
I am rather sad that HSUS has chosen to use Fay (not Faye) in their fund drive.

Fay has never received a dime from HSUS.
How do I know?
Because I am the one that is fostering Fay. Fay is currently going through expensive surgeries to recreate medically needed lips so her teeth do not fall out, her jaw bone stops deteriorating, and she can live a normal life.
HSUS never contacted us regarding Fay.
In the video John (Goodwin) states she is in a loving home. really. thanks for the compliment but Fay is LOOKING for her forever home.
If you really want to help Fay, please go to our website, and click on the donate now button. If you want to help the other 35 dogs we took with our own health issues..please donate. We are a small group that can use the help.
 (Source: PetConnection blog:

No surprises here. HSUS LIES yet again. Can't even get the name of the dog right!

The HSUS has a long track record of deception for dollars. Remember the Vick dogfighting case? HSUS sent out mailers requesting money, supposedly to care for the Vick dogs, yet never had possession of them. Incredibly, the HSUS actually urged the judge in the Vick case to kill the dogs in question.

Sick, evil, twisted, malicious, hypocritical....there aren't words to properly describe the HSUS.

Humane? NOT! Insane, perhaps?

The HSUS is not as crazy as they are crafty. The HSUS is conducting an ongoing aggessive nationwide campaign to limit animal ownership. In 2009, they sponsored anti-animal ownership bills in over 30 states. 

HSUS ferrets out and displays sensational footage about farm and pet breeding establishments, with the goal of gathering public support....and dollars, of funnel into this anti-animal ownership campaign.

The donations they receive based on the story of Fay will be used for the HSUS "2010 Animal Survivor's Fund"....a fund purported to "go after" animal abusers. And if you believe that one, do I have a bridge to sell you. This "Animal Survivor Fund" will dump into the Humane Society Legislative Fund, which pushes for increasingly oppressive restrictions on animal ownership. Not simply to punish animal abusers, but to punish EVERYONE who would dare to believe that animals have a place in our lives. 

In his Los Angeles fund raising appearance last month, HSUS president Wayne Pacelle quoted Al Capone:

"You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone."
I'd say they are deadly serious about their legislative agenda.

Have you seen the HSUS ads on TV asking you to donate "just $19 per month to help animals"?

Don't fall for the deception. Give to your local animal shelter. Give to "Mutts and Stuff". Give to your favorite local rescue group. But DO NOT give to the HSUS. 

 And spread the word!

Here's a link to a video of an excellent piece of investigative journalism by WSB-TV exposing the HSUS:

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