Thursday, December 31, 2009

Buzzwords, Revisited.

Just WHAT is a "puppy mill"?

A breeder who has “x” number of dogs and/or “x” number of litters? OK, who
decides how many “x” is? Has anyone noticed that the noose is tightening
and that it takes fewer and fewer dogs to be branded a puppy mill ? Or that
the definition doesn't just mean wire cages, feces, bred till they drop, and
all the rest? It's reaching out and touching all breeders, and it’s
spreading like a cancer. So now California is apparently "overrun" with
puppy mills. How many do you think there really ARE in this state, or even
in the entire country? Most of the true puppy mills are clustered in one
or two midwestern states. Everywhere else? Close to zero.

If you happen to be of the mind that rescuing mixed breeds is what it's all
about, just remember that that kind of thinking leads right down the path to
an end to hobby breeders, who, despite popular belief, are THE major source
of quality, healthy, socialized puppies in the U.S. Their disappearance
will leave a gap that will be filled by imports, smuggled and other poorly
bred animals. Will be? It’s already happening. These are the pets you are
giving to your children, risking disease, dog bites and more. Is this what
you want for your family?
Why is it so hard for people to see that these buzzwords have been
deliberately created to make hobby breeders and those who like dog shows
look like scum?

Here’s another example. Notice I said “poorly bred animals.” I did NOT say
“back yard breeder,” another phrase with - intentionally - no definition.
How many hobby/show breeders raise litters in houses with BACK YARDS...where
the puppies romp and play in the sunshine? Well bred, loving, thriving,
physically and mentally sound puppies?

Pay attention, people! Responsible breeders already know the animal rights
extremists, are out to get us, you, me, ALL of us. And that if left up to
these people, these groups, pet owners are a dying breed, so to speak.
Their bottom line, their dirty little secret, is that we should not be
allowed to OWN animals, period. Those same buzzwords are redefining the
nature of dog ownership so as to deny us our constitutional right to own
pets. Additionally, by creating the widespread myth that we have a huge pet
overpopulation crisis in this country, they are able to promote and sponsor
laws designed to make dog ownership more and more difficult. When difficult
becomes impossible, they will have achieved their goals, and by the time you
finally look around and wonder where all the dogs went, it will be too late.

“Puppy mills,” “backyard breeders,” “hoarders,” “guardians,” “adoption,”
“rescue,” “furkids,” and of course, the biggest lie of all, “pet
overpopulation.” It's bad enough that THEY (animal rightists) use the words,
but as long as we (dog owners) keep repeating them ourselves, and even
worse, applying them to those within our ranks, we're just hammering another
nail in our coffin. Look beyond your family room, your local shelter, even
your local state. See the big picture, follow the trend, and see what’s
really happening.

The enemy is not we who truly love animals, we the people, we the pet owners
of America. It is not US. The Humane Society of the United States, PETA,
and similar fanatical animal rights groups too numerous too mention. THEY
are the enemy.

When it comes to the care and ownership of your pets, accept nothing,
question everything. Every buzzword, every WORD, out of their mouths is
intended to manipulate and destroy us.



  1. You're an idiot. Public shelters in Los Angeles kill as many as 8 out of 10 dogs that come into those shelters. Due to irresponsible breeding, there's your buzzword. Get a grip, get off your ass and get a job instead of living off the backs of dogs you sell while so many die. People like you should be sterilized.

  2. Hi Ezer, I have a wonderful professional job for the past 35 years. I have never sold a dog yet. I have bred a few litters for my own enjoyment. Sorry to disappoint you an other exremists like you but I do have three kids, who are all wonderful productive members of society.
    As to Los Angeles animal shelter failures, how's that spay-neuter-microchip law working out for them? Obviously, not so well.