Monday, December 28, 2009

Black Helicopters

Dog fanciers....and yes that includes everyone who fancies their dog, for whatever reason or purpose...must stand together. There were thirty-plus states with restrictive legislation proposed (just in 2009) to limit our ability to own, breed or even simply keep the family dog intact because we so choose.

Unfortunately, there exist too many folks in denial out there who think "oh that'll never happen". Meanwhile, in cities and states all across the nation, the noose of ever-increasing levels of restrictions tightens even as we speak. It is impossible, in the practical sense of the word, to breed dogs legally in  California...unless you are already doing so as a licensed commercial venture. Do you think we reached that state of affairs accidentally?
Just google "Murder Hollow Bassets" or read what happened to Bob Attleson's English Setters:

Just two of the more notorious examples of dogs seized by the Black Helicopters.

Wake up, the coffee is brewing. And the black helicopters are landing on your front lawn.

The AR groups sponsoring all this legislation are relentless and determined in their campaign to eliminate our rights to decide What we can be allowed to do with our dog. Not worried about PETA? Think the HSUS is harmless or even maybe somewhat good? Or think you are exempt because you own a pet/show your dog/pay your fees/comply with limits (Circle your selection) Foolish myope. Couldn't see a helicopter (be it black, white or purple) if it landed on your front lawn...and probably wouldn't hear it either.

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