Friday, July 1, 2011

Lake County - another Cali-Failure

Here's living proof of the inevitable abject failure of animal policies being written into law California. Lake County has a mandatory spay/neuter law, but apparently no one remembered to tell the cats about it. There's now a cat population explosion! And, oddly enough, the cats are not lining up at the shelter to be sterilized OR killed.
No problem, you might say. Repeat after me:




It works!

But no, Lake County does not utilize a trap-neuter-release program. They advise the residents to either shoot the cats, or bring them in to the shelter to be killed! Truly humane animal lovers there. And boy their system really is working for them, isn't it?
The rest of the state should sit up and take notice.
LAKEPORT, Calif. – Everyone has seen them – and many have fed them – but community members learned at a presentation last Friday the depth and scope of the feral and unowned cat problem in Lake County.

The startling truth: Lake County euthanizes more cats per capita than any other county in the state.

You know what we continually remind people of on this blog. It ain't "euthanasia" when you kill healthy animals. It's just plain KILLING.

So, how's that mandatory spay-neuter law workin' for y'all there in Lake County? Hmm??? Ready for a Nathan Winograd No-Kill seminar yet? Or will you continue on your current failed course?

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