Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jerry Brown - Still Crazy After All These Years

You are known by the company you keep.
SB 917, the bill that would criminalize someone who would sell or give away kittens or puppies at the local market, was signed into law today by Governor Brown. The criminal animal cruelty statute now will include public sales of animals, making sales a misdemeanor offense right up there in the same league with beating, maiming, and torturing.

Sadly, this means that people will be afraid to place animals at all, and instead of animals finding homes, more dogs and cats will become homeless, to starve or be hit by a car; or, they might end up in the local shelter where they will add to the death toll. The good Samaritan who attempts to find homes for the litter of kittens under his porch would end up with a criminal record. Nice, huh?

One would think that a former Attorney General for the state would see this bill for what it is....a mockery of justice. We've got nothing more important to do than criminalize more and more people? The courts aren't crowded enough? Perhaps Brown views more criminals and potential criminals as job security for government workers. We'll have a fine time rounding everybody up and punishing them. And get paid for it, too!

Good ol' "Governor Moonbeam" Brown....wiser? Nah, just older. 

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