Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reproduction. It's a GOOD thing.

Here's a frightening concept. An "animal lover", Dr. Loretta Mayer, is working on non-surgical sterilization. The photograph is a bit absurd, isn't it? Dr. Mayer holding a litter of four pups. She won't see many puppies in the future if her project is successful.
We're talking "one generation and out"....possibly for the entire animal kingdom!

Drug may revolutionize control of dog overpopulation
By Stephanie Russo
The Arizona Republic
A Flagstaff, Ariz., scientist may have discovered a nonsurgical way to sterilize dogs — an advance that would revolutionize animal shelter medicine and address many states' canine overpopulation problem in the process, according to one veterinary expert. Dr. Loretta Mayer was looking for a way to artificially induce menopause in mice so they could be used to study human diseases when she and another scientist developed a drug that they realized also could be used to sterilize female dogs, removing the need for painful and expensive surgery.
Oh joy! We can now address the (nonexistent) problem of pet overpopulation in the US. Nice!

Soon any HSVMA member veterinarian, or vet tech on a sterilization crusade will be able to sneak your dog a sterilant-laced treat, and you will be none the wiser. 

Heck, I can see this wonderful new technique being applied to competitors at dog shows, and used by neighbors who might find it amusing to neuter your dog without your knowledge. Just think, no proof of wrongdoing, no need to worry about leaving evidence lying around....the perfect crime for a nut with an agenda!

Although the drug is years away from being approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Mayer will soon return to India, where she has been working to eradicate the spread of rabies in stray dogs there.

Gosh, haven't they heard of rabies vaccine in India? Seems like that would do the job just swell. It's worked everyplace else it's been tried.

Mayer also wants to eventually introduce the drug into Arizona and recently persuaded the state Legislature to alter state law to allow animal shelters to use non-surgical means for sterilizing cats and dogs. "I think that a lot of folks would rather give their dog a pill than make them have surgery," Mayer said.

I'll just bet! As discussed above.

Dr. Nancy Bradley, director of medical services with the Arizona Humane Society, said previous non-surgical sterilization products have had mixed success. But, she said, if one proved to be safe and successful, she would use it in a heartbeat.

Heck yeah! See above.

"I would really like to see us do things that improve our environment and are compassionate to other beings," Mayer said. "My passion, without question, is to stop killing animals, however we might do that."
Yes, unquestionably, it would demonstrate compassion and improve our environment to sterilize animals out of existence. That way, no animal would ever be killed! Perfect logic! Let's see, it might happen like this:

(A) Prevent prey animals like mice, rabbits and deer from being born
(B) no food for predators
(C) predators disappear, since there is no longer any food for them 

Win-win! We could even skip to the chase and spread plenty of this wonder drug out in the wilderness immediately, maybe get it into the general food or water supply, and viola! One generation and we are ALL out. Wayne Pacelle would really like that. Only plant life such as vegetables, soy and the like, might remain. Possibly. If this sterilant did not prevent plants from forming seeds. Hmmm.

That would really help the planet, to get rid of ALL carbon footprints! No more pitter-patter of ANY little feet! Brilliant!
"There is a very long timeline in this project," Mayer said. "Each and every one of our products takes years to develop."
Patience, Dr. Mayer! Once the technology is available, extinction shouldn't take too long. Just one generation!

Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/2011/07/21/20110721dog-sterilize-drug-new.html#ixzz1THJSc1VF

It seems that reproduction is widely viewed as an udesirable activity. America Humane Association recently awarded a $25,000 grant to the Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs to develop a nonsurgical sterilant. And Gary Mickelson's "Found Animals Foundation is offering up to $75 MILLION to researchers for development of non-surgical sterilant for cats and dogs.  Maybe the Dear Doctor is motivated by more than just her love of animals.

All together now:

"Reproduction.....it's a GOOD thing."

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  1. Less than 2% of America's dogs are in shelter or rescue. "Overpopulation" does not exist. Wake up and smell the coffee, Dr. Mayer.