Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Animal Extremists Subvert the Will of the People

PETArd Judie Mancuso poses with her legislative lackeys at a "Social Compassion in Legislation" award event in June 2011. (left to right) CA Assemblyman Mike Gatto, West Hollywood City Councilmember John D’Amico, LA City Councilman Paul Koretz, CA Senator Kevin de León, "retired" CA Assemblyman Pedro Nava, lobbyist Judie Mancuso, CA Senator Ted Lieu, LA City Councilman Tony Cárdenas, and CA Assemblyman Jose Solorio.

Anyone who owns and breeds animals realizes that the goal of animal rights fanatics is to regulate animal ownership right out of existence. And now, we see that persistent campaign in action year after year in the California legislature. We have a serious problem in California. Animal Rights fanatics are writing many new laws in our state. These laws are sponsored by the HSUS and other radical animal groups. Laws that mandate sterilization of pets, broadscale application of microchipping, seller reporting of sales to the government, limits on breeding, and expensive permits and fees for animals ....these are the order of the day. Lately, we are fighting a very well-organized effort to ferret out animal owners and attempts to criminalize them, penalize them, fine them, jail them, and prevent them from legally possessing any animals for YEARS! We also have a law progressing that requires any pet seller to report their buyer’s personal information to licensing agencies. There is also a law on the governor's desk awaiting signature that would criminalize sales of animals in public venues. Giving away kittens at the market would net you a misdemeanor! We already have mandatory spay/neuter/microchip in many areas. So, once you are targeted as an animal offender for not spaying your dog, or for daring to sell an animal in public, or for not microchipping your cat, there are new laws being pushed through that will cause you to forfeit your animals and prohibit you from having any contact with animals for 5 to 10 years! Just as an example of this Animal fanatic legislative agenda, take the support list for CA SB 702, mandatory microchipping of animals on release from a shelter. (See below, copied from CA legislative website) This list reads like the "Who's Who" of animal rights terrorists: • Social Compassion in Legislation; a front group for PETA, with at least one of the four founders (Jane Garrison) having been a former longtime PETA employee. PETA kills the majority of animals that enter their shelter in Virginia. They also wish to separate people from animals completely. Social Compassion has successfully campaigned their mandatory sterilization agenda in many localities in California, even thought their statewide law failed due to public outcry. • The Animal Legal Defense Fund, or ALDF; a radical animal rights group that boasts on its website about suing the federal government "for failure to protect rats and mice under the Animal Welfare Act" and, more recently, has engineered ordinances prohibiting sales of animals in pet stores in several cities in California. The ALDF is also sponsoring legislation in several states attempting to establish animal abuser registries, similar to child abuser registries. Apparently, ALDF can not discern the difference between rats and mice and human children. The ALDF website also includes pointers on how to avoid prosecution when your violent activities subject you to prosecution under the Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act. • The Cities of Long Beach and Los Angeles; notorious for their oppressive anti-animal breeding regulations. • The Santa Cruz SPCA; champions of their mandatory spay-neuter policy, which was exposed as a sham during the California legislature during the statewide MSN hearings. • PawPAC; an animal rights group headquartered in San Francisco and dedicated to promoting laws that place animal rights above human rights. They campaign relentlessly to install animal rights legislators into positions of power. • The Humane Society of the US; "humane" in name only and does not support local humane societies. The HSUS has been widely criticized of late for their hypocritical support of animal rights, even as they collaborated with animal torturer Michael Vick in an advertising campaign. In their paid "consultations", the HSUS routinely urges shelters to kill animals as soon as any mandatory holding period expires. They also campaign against implementation of no-kill sheltering methods and fought against legislation that would have implemented "no kill" sheltering methods in both California and Texas. The HSUS fraudulently raises donations from people who believe their money goes to help animals in shelters, as is implied in their television ads. Instead, the HSUS uses that money to push for absurd laws like mandatory sterilization and numeric limits on animal ownership. The fact that our legislators take what these fanatic animal extremists groups say at face value is truly shocking. The extremists, the fringe element of society, are being given free reign to form our laws! Meanwhile, these radical groups are heaping praise and recognition on the legislators who vote "their way". And, no doubt, the extremists are funnelling plenty of campaign donations in return for these votes. The net effect of their legislative projects are intended to reduce overall pet ownership and animal agriculture. As we examine the agenda for these groups, we discover the sobering truth: Animal Rights means No Animals Left. CA SB 702 - REGISTERED SUPPORT / OPPOSITION : Support Social Compassion in Legislation (sponsor) Animal Legal Defense Fund California Animal Control Directors Association City of Long Beach City of Los Angeles PawPAC Santa Cruz Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Take Me Home Animal Rescue The Humane Society of the United States Opposition California Federation of Dog Clubs California Responsible Pet Owners' Coalition The legislators pictured above must be replaced with sensible legislators who respect our rights to animal ownership and stewardship. VOTE THEM ALL OUT!

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