Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mother Dog and Nine Puppies sent from Taiwan to LA

On June 2, one animal rescue group was on hand to welcome a special shipment they had arranged to arrive at Los Angeles International Airport.  Nine puppies and their mother landed in a plane from Taiwan.  The young family had been trapped in a drainage ditch and nearly lost their lives.
The rate of abuse to dogs in Taiwan is rampant and beyond rational understanding.  It is commonplace for dogs to be tortured with hot oil on their faces and backs or to be caught in metal traps and left to bleed to death.  And like the dogs that arrived at LAX, many are dropped into deep ditches so they cannot get out and eventually die of starvation.
So when A Dog’s Life Rescue (ADLR) was contacted by Animal Rescue Team TAIWAN, they knew they couldn’t turn the four-legged family away.  The group quickly made all the necessary arrangements to put the dogs on a plane the next day.
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  1. While I am not unsympatric to the plight of stray animals in other countries, this is outrageous. We have no idea what parasites or diseases these animals harbour. Add to that the fact that Animal Control in LA claims that they have problem with the strays that are already in the Area. THIS is OUTRAGEOUS -

  2. Good Grief! Right now, both San Francisco and Los Angeles are considering bans on sales of pets excluding shelter animals. If these cities think the situation is so dire as to ban sales of pets, then why-o-why should anyone be allowed to import foreign homeless animals into this country! Owners are dealing with a deluge of proposed animal bills aimed at curtailing their right to own and breed - what is the motivation of rescue groups to import homeless unsocialized and possibly unhealthy animals from foreign countries.