Wednesday, June 8, 2011

“Los Angeles - The City Council today instructed the Department of Animal Services to draft a law banning the commercial breeding of dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens in Los Angeles and the sale of factory-bred animals in pet stores.

The motion, which was introduced by City Councilman Paul Koretz and was approved unanimously, also asks the department to arrange frequent adoption drives for shelter animals at licensed pet stores...Koretz said he unknowingly purchased a "puppy mill" bichon 20 years ago, and it required expensive medical care.

‘This is frequently the case because these animals are inbred and raised in terrible conditions, and that results in medical problems, behavioral problems ... often that leads to those animals winding up in our animal shelters,‘ he said. “

So let’s see...stop the pet stores from selling animals in pet stores (since commercially bred and factory bred, in L.A. City terms, covers EVERYONE), but “ask” them to sell animals from shelters instead. IOW, yeah, you can sell animals, but only when your inventory comes from shelters. Especially since most animals in shelters come from puppy mills (which, according to Koretz, et al, is synonymous with commercial breeders and factory bred). So the pet stores are continuing to sell the same animals, but all the income goes to the shelters. What a deal! Not for the legitimate pet stores, only for the shelter pet stores, but that doesn’t matter, does it?

All of this, apparently, because Koretz “unknowingly purchased a ‘puppy mill‘ bichon 20 years ago,“ which I guess he knew came from a PM because it required expensive medical care. I guess that would be one of those puppy mill dogs that end up in shelters, which the shelters then get to sell at pet stores now that the pet stores aren’t allowed to sell them. Ain’t guv’mint great?

All of which might have been avoided if Paul “head up his ass” Koretz had purchased his freaking Bichon from a responsible breeder. But he didn’t know to do that because he had his head up his...well, you get my drift.

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  1. Umm - that is technically described as a cerebral rectal inversion.....