Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rescue Roulette

A stolen dog, the microchip sliced out of him; a "rescuer" who is definitely up to something fishy. And no questions, no accountability? Hi Hola!
Good lord! Another edition of "Rescues Gone Wild"!
‎Why did Brenda Barnette not demand an immediate investigation of the L.A. rescue group removing the microchip of a shelter animal (or any animal) before transporting it? AND what happens to shelter animals when they are transported into an area with plenty of dogs already looking for homes?.
There is no required accounting for the dogs after they leave Los Angeles, just lots of PR rhetoric on how each one finds a home. It has been reported that some don't arrive alive.  If they do, do they stay alive?

This is the story of Dexter, a non-descript German Shepherd/Chow-mix, 50-lb. dog, like thousands in shelters across the country.? In February 2011, Dexter was scheduled

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  1. The transports have become a scam as well. When you have an organization such as the Heigl Foundation offering $150 per dog for transport, can you see how this would attract a certain type of person? I've seen the dogs crammed in small crates, not even sitting level, into a van, 30 or more at a time. You know that one person, the transporter, is not going to do potty breaks or what about water? The transporter would have to unload all the crates to provide water to all. This blog has several posts with links that show how this system is not working. Just do a search for "transport".

    Plus, it is unethical and immoral to ship more dogs into areas where the local shelters are still forced to euthanize for time and space. Why aren't these groups taking dogs from their own shelter? The reasons are many. Maybe these groups have been blacklisted by the shelters for good reason. I think it is a way to keep "rescues" in business while they boycott their shelters in hopes of forcing the issue of "No Kill".