Thursday, February 17, 2011

An ugly (and painful) problem

A message from a shelter vet regarding early spay:
As you know I saw many dogs from the pound spay operation.  I wont even go into distemper.  A DVD and book is being written as we communicate on pound distemper ( big in Texas)  (  I told them it was the Lancaster pound that set me onto a cure for distemper) ( also they threatened to sue the pants off me.)  Will cover "Old Dog Encephalitis" and Canine Herpes as well.  Should be ready in about  4 months.  

But, here is a problem quite common in the days when I practiced.  Herpes.  Vaginal lesions.  Cannot get rid of them if the dog is spayed.  Delaying neutering operations till after puberty allowed this problem to disappear.  Place this ugly problem on your problem list of bureaucratic misdeeds against dogs in Calif.  Doc Alson Sears
Herpes virus in humans produces the very painful shingles skin lesions. Can you imagine the pain that these bitches must endure when they suffer from herpetic lesions on the tender vaginal mucosal membranes?

From Dr. Sears' website:
It is my very strong suggestion dogs born with herpes virus NOT BE SPAYED BEFORE THE FIRST HEAT CYCLE! Vaginal and sheath lesions can occur in these dogs. The lesions will remain throughout animal's life, and no effective treatment has been found for these lesions in spayed dogs. If allowed to have normal heat cycles, even if they are infected, they do not show lesions as adults. There are several breed exception to this: Mastiff and Mastiff related breeds, English Bulls, and Golden Retrievers.

I have tried a variety of ways to control the effects of early spaying without success:

* Serum

* Serum plus the interferon materials

* Serum plus gancyclovir

* Induced heat cycles with estrogen and progesterone.

These methods have had no success. The best I have been able to do is burn down the worst ulcers with 1% tincture of iodine solution. Panalog ointment seems to have a ameliorating effect on the worst vaginal lesions,
however, does not provide a cure. My best advise is..............DON'T SPAY YOUR DOG BEFORE A FIRST HEAT CYCLE. THERE IS NO WAY TO KNOW IF YOUR DOG IS A CARRIER OF HERPES VIRUS OR NOT!

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  1. Now, that IS attractive. NOT. Can you imagine
    how a spayed bitch with both vaginal lesions
    and uncontrolled peeing feels? Two conditions
    that together means she is in constant severe
    pain that can be prevented merely by spaying
    her AFTER her first heat. But the ARistas want
    your bitch to suffer to suit their moronic
    agenda, which is basically getting rid of all