Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February Fallacy

We now have the City of Los Angeles currently promoting February as "Spay and Neuter Month."

11-0181 To Council Resolution (Cardenás - Alarcón) - Resolve that, by adoption of this resolution, the Los Angeles Council joined with the Mayor, City Attorney, and the City Controller distinguishes February as Spay and Neuter Month and acknowledges the Found Animals Foundation for their efforts to raise awareness of the benefits of spaying and neutering our four legged companions.

Presumably, in the City's estimation, speutering everything that moves will somehow magically end pet homelessness. Considering that the vast majority of owned pets are already sterilized, massive spay/neuter campaigns make no sense whatsoever.

Perhaps if we eliminate pets altogether by sterilizing them out of existence, it would then logically follow that there would be no pets entering shelters....because there would be no pets! That would be the ONLY scenario where shelter intake would not happen.

And naturally,the City Council and the Found Animal Foundation aren't going to mention the drawbacks of spaying and neutering, particularly the multitude of adverse health effects for dogs.

But it's never been about pet welfare has it? Only about wielding control. I guess that's why it's called "animal control"?

My next entry deals with why pets are in shelters and how to solve that problem....and it definitely has NOTHING to do with spay/neuter.

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