Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New York proposed Animal Abuser Registry

Hi Jon –
I just read your site - - about your new Animal Rights law.  I do hope your animal abuser registry works far better than the sexual one.  Here in California, we have two families in the San Diego area mourning the losses of their two, beautiful young daughters – and their murderer was in the sexual abuse database for many years.  Yet – these girls were brutally murdered, several years apart.  The police knew about the man – and they were STILL murdered.  Gee – I would think kids would be a higher priority!!!!!!
Not a good plan.  It just doesn't work!  Better to concentrate on the schools and teach kids how to work with animals.  Better to NOT listen to the freaks from PETA and H$U$ who see bogeymen behind every door!  Best to concentrate on what this country and your state so needs – national security, safety for children, an economy that instills encouragement for new businesses, and a legislature that actually obeys the same laws as us little plebeians.
No, Jon, you have your priorities wrong.  Listening to a few freaks is NOT going to get you the popularity of the masses.  Think about it – and investigate if you haven't.  H$U$ is nothing more than PETA in a suit.  They have the same agenda – NO domestic animals!  That's right – no food, no food by-products, no life-saving drugs like insulin, no animal research to solve horrific diseases like ALS (ever watch someone die from it?  I have now witnessed it up front a nd personal – TWICE!!!), no clothing materials from animals, no draft animals, no riding animals, no circuses or zoos – and the absolute worst to me – NO PETS!!!  I can NOT imagine, nor do I want to, a world devoid of animals!  YET – every time a stupid politician listens to them and kowtows to their demands – we are one step closer!  Every time some stupid media person raves about them – we're one step closer.  Terrorists are made up of many agendas – but all are out to ruin and destroy our way of life!
Here's another thought for you – what exactly IS abuse?  My dog doesn't sleep in a special kennel – but on my bed.  Is THAT abuse?  I don't feed my dog once a day – but twice a day.  Is THAT abuse?  My dogs are transported IN crates so they are safe in the advent of an accident.   Is THAT abuse?  A dog hanging their head out the window can be seriously injured – is THAT abuse?  I walk my dog on a leash – abuse?  I train my dog to do things with me and I show in AKC conformation, Obedience, and other activities – is THAT abuse?  My dogs are hard-coated terriers and I pluck their coats – is THAT abuse?  No, I'm not splitting hairs – but H$U$ is.  They will get in a law – then they WILL significantly make it more rigid every year.  That's their way!  What's abuse?  Who's definition?  Sorry, Jon, if this makes you and your staff THINK!!!  While you're at it – ask H$U$ just WHY they only spend less than a half of one percent on animals?  WHY do they NOT have any shelters?  AND – even their whiney CEO doesn't even have a pet – nor has he ever.  How can you accept their word as experts – when they have no real credibility?
Think about it – do you really want to encourage such freaks?  Do you want your children's children to grow up without any pets?   Now – in MY estimation – THAT'S ABUSE!!!!

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