Thursday, February 3, 2011

Newswriter swallows PETA's lines

In response to a news story about PETA advising governors to push for mandatory spay-neuter laws.
Hi Rachel –
Just read your article, and I'm thinking you could definitely use some interview questions to pose to PETA. 
Ask them:
  •  WHY they killed over 97% of the animals they claimed to rescue in 2009– and they repeat this sad pattern every year??? 
  •  WHY they feel they're entitled to be seen as experts – when they claim that a bitch can produce a litter every 3 months – that's IMPOSSIBLE! 
  •  WHY there are so many dogs being imported by rescue groups – if there's such an overabundance of animals here? 
  •  WHY they're not helping people retain their pets during financial problems? 
  •  WHY they think that dogs and cats are better dead than with people?
  •  WHERE they got their statistics – as the statistics they've published every year are FAR more dismal on their adoption rates – OR, do they consider death a "forever home"?
Oh – and don't forget to ask them WHY they're pushing for mandatory sterilization when, according to the 2009-2010 APPMA statistics:
75% of owned dogs are already sterilized?  
As for the cats – most entering shelters are feral – meaning, NO ONE owns them! And of owned cats:
 87% are already sterilized.
Geesh – what a crock of crap PETA has fed you!
Have a great day, and don't forget that research is a prerequisite to good reporting.

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