Sunday, March 18, 2012

An Even Playing Field

A group of exhibitors have organized in protest to the Crufts retroactively punitive veterinary exams. After following some of the discussion on Facebook, it seems this group has concluded that instead of singling out certain "high profile breeds", ALL entrants or ALL winners should be subjected to a similar exam.
This brings to mind the mentality of some of the people who object to breed-specific laws; bans or sterilization laws targeting supposedly "dangerous" breeds. Many of those folks are satisfied if the proposal applies to ALL dogs. Their objection ends once the unfair mandate is fairly applied to everyone. <SIGH>


  1. yup.. this is not the way to do things.. the way to do things is to chuck the whole mess out..this is exactly what the AR's ( animal rights groups) want.. start with a small select group and the rest yell no fair include ME in that..they know no what they do.lambs led to the slaughter... KILL the whole thing..

  2. I agree! This is NOT the way to go about it! Playing right into the hands of the AR's. When will people learn... Now that said, if the whole Cruft's BS is indeed aboutthe health of the dogs, why aren't they testing all the dogs??? Not saing this is what should be done, just pointing out the hypocrisy of it all.