Saturday, March 10, 2012

Crufts - the "Poisoned Chalice"

Too "extreme"?
In the wake of the dumping of the Clumber Spaniel by the Crufts vet yesterday, today we find this interesting commentary from the Clumber Spaniel breeders:

The owner was much more polite than I would have been! I'd have said the Kennel Club could go to hell.

More info on the "unhealthy" winner. Check out all the health testing, passed with flying colors.

Of course none of that means a thing to animal rights fanatics who are opposed to intentional dog breeding. And it doesn't mean a thing to the the lackeys of the AR groups - The "Pedigree Dog Exposers" and their ilk - who criticise any supposedly unnatural and "cruel" canine features; short or bowed legs, floppy ears, giant size, toy size, wrinkled skin, hairlessness, too much hair, short muzzles, curled tails....just the tip of the iceberg. Nothing short of a feral canid will satisfy the AR factions.

Some of the bloggers who keep more moderate breeds from the gundog and herding categories are foolishly supporting the campaign against other breeds deemed "extreme."

I guess they honestly believe that they won't ever be affected, so they have no problem supporting trampling on the rights of others to make their own breeding choices.

And, many UK citizens deny that they have significant AR activity....despite this latest conclusive Crufts evidence that AR philosophy is deeply entrenched at the highest levels.

PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk is English.

ALF originated in England.

The animal rights philosophy is deeply rooted in English Puritanism. Locke - Bentham - Taylor - - the Oxford Group - Band of Mercy - SHAC - and many other groups.

The RSPCA was formed way back in 1824 as the world's prototype animal rights organization.

Britain has long banned certain forms of hunting, and banning of canine crop/dock are AR concepts that have been well-established for many decades in the UK.

And now, the AR tentacles in the UK have extended far beyond the bans on hunting, crop/dock, and COI limits. Right up to the highest levels of the Kennel Club. No amount of health testing is enough, no pursuit of moderation will ever satisfy.

Our dogs need to be protected from those who wish to save them.


  1. And let's not forget their banning of wild animals in circuses for no other reason they they think it's "outdated". This after an ADI terrorist got a job at one and filmed himself kicking and hitting an old, arthritic elephant with a pitchfork. As soon as the tape was turned over to the media the sleazebucket blew the country and has never been seen again. Yet the elephant's owner is being tried for abuse in June. So it's very much looking like the country might be run by the ARists. Maybe their minister of Animal Welfare, Lord Taylor, is one? Some of the things he says sound awfully suspicious.

  2. Thanks for posting this. Most of the general public seem to just swallow whatever they read in the media. I think your post is dead on and appreciate it.

  3. To quote the Brits - this is "SPOT ON"!!!
    These people are just plain NUTSO!!!! They and their hateful minions need to vacate the earth! They don't like it here - let them go elsewhere.

    They're soooooo protective of the animals - yet my good friend was ALLOWED to die. She had an aneurysm - they knew it - they COULD'VE done something about it - but she was a woman and over 55 - so, who cares???

  4. send this link to "Terrier man and "Retriever man" and "Border Wars'.. those holier than thous who think they are "untouchable".. yea right.. Ar's will come down on them like a house of bricks too..

    1. Yep, those border collies and retrievers are afflicted with obsessive-compulsive disorder. They are suffering. And, let's not forget, many of them have persistent ear infections due to those awful floppy ears. What is wrong with those breeders?

  5. Does this mean that "dogs with exaggerated features" --whatever these features are -- it appears to be defined by the observer -- will never have an opportunity at Crufts to ever win BOB?

    It appears to be that the definition of health at Crufts is defined by eye examination -- as performed by a vet who used a mechanical aid not authorized by the UK. The Mastiff was disqualified by a veterinarian on an eye issue which is not a DQ in the US.

    Where is the line? Many breeds have underlying genetic issues which cannot be found in the eyes or the limbs. It seems that the UK is pandering to the population which the "Purebred Dogs Exposed" energized. Those who are energized by emotiion -- not by facts.

  6. there were no terriers on the HP list – the Bassett didn’t get through - what is most upsetting is that the breeds that have been singled out are not the only ones with the same issues but these are the ones identified by the European congress and also attracted attention in PDE programme. So you have the ridiculous situation whereby some dogs are disqualified because of something like conjunctivitis presumably caused by having slightly loose eyelids (in a breed where ectropion is seriously bad) and yet other dogs also with loose eyelids that could also have conjunctivitis are allowed to go into the group because they are not checked – they are not on the HPB lists.

    I am so fed up with the way that things are going here – judges take YEARS and YEARS to get to give CCs and many will never live long enough to get to give CCs at Crufts. These are judges that have done their time learning and honing their judges skills, passed all sorts of assessments and are approved by the KC to give CCs at all levels – one or two give CCs in every breed, there are only one or two of these judges. Yet their decision was overturned by a vet who was using instruments not available or allowed in the judging ring to disqualify these dogs.

    They are focusing on visual stuff – stuff anyone can see from the ring side – or that is what we were led to believe – only these dogs were examined using veterinary instruments which is not what should have happened. Likewise judges are not vets and they are judging the dog against a breed standard – not looking for ear mites!

    This is ridiculous it does nothing to address the far more serious internal conditions that could cost the dog its life. Did you hear that one of the mastiffs, think it was a dogue de Bordeaux collapsed and died on its way out of the show – the vets actually put it to sleep – it had I think a collapsed trachea – was the judge supposed to see that – dog had never given any indication of a problem even when put under for hip and elbow scoring recently.

    Does disqualifying a dog for slightly loose eyelids do anything about dogs with high hip scores, EPI, BSD, heart defects, or any of the other unseen killers. Its the wrong way to go about things its tackling the problem from the wrong end, the emphasis should be on the breeding stock not the show stock.