Monday, March 12, 2012

Boys will be boys....

Scatological humor is the perfect accompaniment to other juvenile pursuits....bullying, public ridicule and the like. Several popular dog blogs have been busy cheering on the Crufts shenanigans.  They have made a big point of posting pictures of the Crufts winners who were subsequently stripped of their wins, and superimposing big, red-outlined words like "FAIL" across the pictures. Infliction of humiliation on others is pretty fun, it seems.

So it's really not surprising to find one of these folks today posting a video of a dog pooping during it's agility run at Crufts.

"HILARIOUS! Dog takes a dump on TV"

blares the headline.

Lowbrow, bathroom humor may be hilarious to pre-teens, admittedly. Or to one of any age with stunted emotional maturity. Such a video might go over big on a show like "Jackass" or "America's Funniest Videos". I understand there is actually a pretty big audience for such stuff.

I won't bore you with the link to the dog pooping. It's really not humorous. This sort of activity happens on a regular basis, from what I hear. Normal bodily function and all that. 

For those of tender physical age or cases of arrested development, you'll have to manage your own Google search for this one. 


  1. Because nothing says 'maturity' like making a post dedicated solely to some petty inter-personal bickering with another blogger.

  2. shamey shamey shamey on you
    Great post..

  3. Sorry, Pai, but this has nothing to do with any "bickering". It is simply pointing out the obvious.

  4. LOL.. now that is funny..this is a blog.. just like the others where people get to write whatever they fell like writing.. and some even stoop to trashing others. my my my..
    thanks for this Time 4Dogs.. as we used to say in grammar school.. they can dish it out but they cannot take it... their gloating and nasty comments regarding the Crufts dogs is clearly a schoolboy/girl mentality