Friday, December 30, 2011

Pups Act Gets Obama Support



The HSUS's petition for the PUPS act has met with a nod of approval from the OBAMA administration.

The Response from the White House:

Improving Regulation and Oversight of Commercial Breeders
By Rebecca Blue, USDA Deputy Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs

Thank you for signing a petition on the We the People platform asking the Obama Administration to "crack down on puppy mills."

The Obama Administration is committed to ensuring that USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), which enforces the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), improves its regulation and oversight of commercial breeders. APHIS is currently developing proposed regulations that would ensure that Internet breeders provide their animals with care and treatment that meets the AWA standards. APHIS plans to publish its proposed rule covering Internet breeders in the Federal Register for public comment in 2012. We encourage interested citizens to provide their feedback on the rule at that time; comments can be logged at   

APHIS is also moving forward with an enhanced AWA enforcement plan to improve its oversight of currently licensed dealers, breeders, and other entities regulated under the AWA (particularly those who are repeat violators). It is also working to improve the performance of its inspectors. 
Additionally, in September 2011, USDA proposed a new rule that when finalized will help ensure that dogs imported into the United States for resale are in good health, are at least 6 months of age, and have received their proper vaccinations. Among other things, this proposed rule is designed to prevent the importation of puppies that have not yet been weaned or have fully developed immune systems, or are sick.

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Under PUPS, anyone with ownership or co-ownership of ONE intact bitch qualifies to be examined. That means EVERY BREEDER. Then APHIS will scrutinize how many dogs or puppies you and co-owners have placed or sold in a year. If at or over that number, you must comply with reams of AWA commercial rules and regs that are impossible to meet in a home environment, like keeping dogs on nonporous surfaces. Right now the number needed to be sold.....or OFFERED for 50, but HSUS has admitted they intend to ratchet down such numbers with future amendments.
The PUPS bill does NOT apply to commercial breeders, they already fall under APHIS regulations. An "Internet seller?" How many breeders have a WEBSITE? You are now an "internet seller." Make no mistake about it, the intent is to bring every dog breeder under Federal control.


  1. This is so wrong. The HSUS is wrong too! Doesn't the government have more important things to do than regulate conscientious breeders in this country? I am appalled! Believe me all breeders are not puppy mills. Get the facts straight before you paint all with the same broad brush.

  2. The thing is being driven why what people 'know' .. and what they 'know' has nothing to do with reality.

    "Our goal is to make [the public think of] breeding [dogs and cats] like drunk driving and smoking." Kim Sturla, former director of the Peninsula Humane Society and Western Director of Fund for Animals, stated during Kill the Crisis, not the Animals campaign and workshops, 1991

    This goal has been fully realized in the US.

    And periodically I post this list of definitions on FB, in hope of educating some of the foot soldiers who don't grasp that the AR activists really *are* out to get their pets, too, but I'll post it here for your amusement:

    Factory Farm - any enterprise raising animals for meat, eggs, dairy or fiber

    Puppy Mill - anyone producing puppies for any purpose whatever (exhibition, field competition, service use etc) who owns a kennel

    Backyard Breeder - anyone who produces puppies in their home

    [n.b. - the two above definitions are to some extent interchangeable]

    Dog Fighter - anyone having the temerity to breed any 'bully' breed for any purpose, particularly if he owns a treadmill

    Hoarder - anyone owning more than an arbitrarily selected number of pets - the last definition I saw was '4', any combination of species.

    Animal abuser - anyone who owns an animal, for any purpose whatever

    These are the definitions which drive the laws, and they drive the laws because people have come to believe them. Perhaps now that it seems entirely likely that it will destroy ALL domestic dog breeders at least some of them will wake up. But I don't think we can afford to count on it.

    Too many breeders themselves believe in most, if not all these definitions. If the thing passes, it may be too late for them to reform their opinions.

    And too bad for those of us who see no reason to mutilate our pets, even if we don't breed. Or more to the point - too bad for our pets, who are likely to be martyred for The Cause.

    I doubt that mine would survive the shelter experience, if it came to it.


  3. Farmers and all those involved in animal agriculture, better watch how the dog breeders are being steam rollered, you'll be next

  4. I for one am against this. The majority of the breeders out there are doing whats best for their breed genetic health clearances most pups sold on limited registration. This would be bad in the long run for the canine species as we know it.

  5. According to an hsus kennel study (Google Michigan Kennel Study 2009 and you'll find it) If you have a kennel license for say 50 adult dogs, then it would appear 40 of those are breeding females.

    You breed them twice a year.
    The average is 5.12 puppies per litter.
    You sell for $596 per puppy.
    For a total of $244,121.00 annual income.

    Ok.Is that about what all you breeders are making?

  6. Whether the akc likes it or not people don't view there dogs as "inventory" or "stock" most people see their dogs as members of the family.
    the only reason the akc doesn't what this bill to pass because it profits of puppy mills "With all respect, Pat, we have been taking their money for 75 years and cashing their checks....we have got to accept the fact, we are taking their money; and, yes, ... we are endorsing them with our papers. We are telling the world these people meet AKC standards. Now, you may not like that, but the fact is that we have lived off of that for the last 60 years."- Steven Gladstone akc board member.
    now i have nothing agensit purebred dog my problim is with puppy mills you can't tailk about stop puppy farming abuse with out taiking aboutt the akc thans like taikning about lung canser with out taking about cegerits.
    the akc clams to be the "dogs chamipen" but fails to protect them do you know what happens if you fail to do something? other people will step up and do it for you. you leave you kids home alone for a week with no food and no water you neighbors call cps now for kids are in foster care being cared for by someone else. you and your breed clubs may care and look after your dogs but and the same time the akc refuses to stop puppy millers in their tracks they are selling abuse with their name on it and people notice the hute corporation is a muddle man puppy mill dealer with akc logo on it breed clubs and the akc have failed to protect puppies now someone else gets to and that's the government and all the dog lovers of u.s.a
    puppy mills and the akc go hand in hand if puppy mills disrepair so dose the akc. oh well I'd much rather get a pure bred form the germen kennel club unlike the akc you need to pass a genetic test before breeding germen pure breds are much healthier

  7. of course you regulate comments how silly of me to think otherwise! you don't what the pubic finding out about the akc and it's puppy mils! You're lucky the public doesn't know much a bout akc and puppy mills your registration numbers would be lower then they are now! i hope this bill passes because then i would know that dogs are being care for instead of just taking your word for it.