Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pot, Meet Kettle!

The “HumaneWatch” website has been doing a wonderful job exposing the deception of the Humane Society of the US. We’ve also blogged here about some of the more blatant examples of the fraud and hypocrisy of the HSUS. Now this week, we are pleased to report that a fledgling group, the "Humane Society for Shelter Pets" has been formed. One of the co-directors of this new group is a former director of education for the HSUS. This new group has both educational and "whistleblower" functions...their website urges individuals to support their local shelters instead of the HSUS.


The HSUS spends precious little of their vast income on actual care of homeless pets, which is what one might reasonably expect from a group calling itself a “Humane Society”. Most of their cash is spent lobbying for laws promoting the extermination of domestic animals, and the elimination of all animal agriculture. Even such time-honored traditions as hunting and fishing are on the HSUS hit list. A vegan society is their radical, extremist goal. HSUS has launched an all-out attack against any business that involves animals….and then cries foul when those businesses fight back for their very survival.

The credibility of the HSUS has been slipping dramatically lately, and they have lashed out with an aggressive attack against HumaneWatch and others who criticize them. The HSUS claims that HumaneWatch is a “corporate front group that defends animal abuse for profit”, and that other groups who expose their lies are “special interest groups”. Hmmm….pot, meet kettle!

HSUS is a front group for radical, vegan ideologues. If that isn’t a special interest group, (albeit a pretty kooky one), I don’t know what is. HSUS works hand-in-hand with notorious dog torturer Michael Vick….for profit. They charge shelters for consultations in which they advise them to kill animals as soon as mandatory holding periods expire. Defending the institutionalized abuse that is rampant in “shelters”….for profit! HSUS lobbies against compassionate No Kill sheltering methods and any laws that would require No Kill methods be employed by animal control departments. HSUS is the number one exploiter of animals, as they play on the heartstrings of the public with pictures of abuse and neglect, then collect donations that do not go to help these animals. Again, exploiting and abusing animals….for their own greed and profit!

Here’s an excerpt from Wayne Pacelle’s blog yesterday, where he criticizes the founder of the Center for Consumer Freedom and HumaneWatch:

“….his groups don't feed one animal, shelter one homeless person, or provide any other tangible social service. They are charitable organizations in name only, and Berman and his for-profit public relations company pocket a large share or even a majority of the total revenue. It's a personal enrichment scam of the
highest order, and he's the architect of the con job.”

Hilarious! He must be looking in the mirror, right?

The Humane Society for Shelter Pets directs people to their local shelters when they wish to adopt a pet, to donate money or to volunteer. Why is HSUS upset? Maybe because their days of conning the public are coming to an end.  

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  1. nailed it!.. please go to the facebook page for HSSS and "like it.. the numbers are climbing fast..