Friday, December 23, 2011


Each passing day brings greater awareness about the deceptive practices of the Humane Society of the US. Less than 1% of the money collected by HSUS is used for hands-on care of animals, despite the TV commercials featuring pitiful, neglected cats and dogs. 99% of the budget of the HSUS is spent on salaries, pensions for executives, more fundraising, and excessive lobbying for anti-animal ownership legislation. This excessive lobbying is a violation of their status as a 501C3 tax-exempt "charity".

Despite claiming to protect animals, their actions demonstrate the exact opposite. The HSUS lobbied against no-kill sheltering bills in both Texas and California. The HSUS charges shelters for consultations in which they urge them to kill animals as soon as any mandatory holding period expires. That should clue you in immediately to their agenda. They are not "humane"; they exploit animal abuse and deaths for their own greedy profit motives. The drama  works  great for fundraising. 

 Don't be fooled; the intentions of HSUS are not honorable.  The HSUS asked the judge in the Vick case to kill all the dogs, even the puppies, while they fundraised off the backs of dogs they never possessed and never intended to help.  Then, the HSUS partnered up with dog torturer Vick in a fundraising effort!

Wayne Pacelle claims HSUS isn't anti-meat. But in October 2006, HSUS Vice President Miyun Park delivered some remarks as part of an "Expert Panel on Poultry":

"We don't want any of these animals to be raised and killed. But when we're talking about numbers like 'one million slaughtered in the U.S. in a single hour,' or '48 billion killed every year around the world,' unfortunately we don't have the luxury of waiting until we have the opportunity to get rid of the entire industry. And so because of that, a number of organizations including the Humane Society of the United States, we work on promoting veganism, and encouraging people to make daily choices that will positively impact the welfare of animals, and at the same time to reduce the greatest amount of suffering for these animals. We have a very active cage-free campaign. Are we saying that cage-free eggs are the way to go? No, that's not what we're saying. But we're saying it's a step in the right direction... .."

HSUS clearly said that they want to "get rid of the entire industry". You can't have it more plainly laid out for you than that.

No, don't be fooled by the doublespeak. When the HSUS says they work to "protect" animals, they mean, they work to eliminate domestic animals. The HSUS's goal is to progress us toward a vegan society by lobbying for laws that make animal ownership more expensive and inconvenient. Current employee John Goodwin publicly wrote, "My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture". No meat, milk, eggs, fish, or pets. No hunting, no fishing, no circuses, no rodeos, no zoos, and no animal parks, either.  

If you want to help shelter animals, support your local animal shelter. If you want to remove animals from our lives, then by all means, the HSUS is your group!

A few weeks ago, we heard about a new group entering the public arena. Tagged the  "Humane Society for Shelter Pets",  this group is not actually "new"; according to tax returns filed, it has existed at least since 2010. The group was formed by Didi Culp, a former employee and educational director for the "Humane" Society of the US. Didi knows firsthand about how the HSUS preys upon the unsuspecting public with deceptive fundraising tactics, and how they squander those fraudulently obtained funds. The HSSP has recently taken out newspaper ads and a website promoting shelter pets. Now, this "whistleblower" group is finding itself under attack.

HSUS has launched an all-out frontal assault on the HSSP. Their crime? Setting up an educational campaign and website informing the public that if they intend to help animals in shelters, then they should contribute directly to the shelter. Money contributed to HSUS does not go to shelters! That's an important message. We are glad to see another public education campaign that serves up the truth. Thank you, HSSP!

Surveys show that most people believe that the HSUS is an animal shelter "umbrella" group. The HSUS does nothing to clear up that confusion; in fact, they intentionally use the name "Humane Society" and flash pictures of dogs and cats in their ads to perpetuate their fundraising fraud. "Factory fundraising", as I've heard it referred to. In contrast, the HSSP does not ask for any donations. They do, however, provide on their website a nationwide listing of animal shelters for those who wish to donate directly to them.  

HSUS has also made the false public claim that the HSSP was established by the business group "Center for Consumer Freedom". While the CCF did not set up the HSSP (remember, they formed in 2010 or perhaps even earlier), they have provided assistance to the HSSP to help them advertise in an effort to educate consumers on exactly what their donations are used for. Despite the HSSP being an independent entity, the HSUS insists on linking them to CCF, and repeatedly slams the CCF, calling them a "front for animal abuse industries". I do not consider groups like outdoorsmen, ranchers, farmers, dairymen, cattlemen, poultry farmers, and pet breeders to be "abusers". I guess that's the fundamental difference between "them" and "us".   

Hooray for the Humane Society for Shelter Pets, and for the Center for Consumer Freedom for providing that group with assistance to spread their message!

From their website,

"Give Local. The best thing you can do to help animals in need is to support your local animal shelter."

Why is that message so threatening to HSUS? It's hissing and spitting like a cornered rat....

More information about the personal attacks by HSUS against the HSSP and its founders can be found on


  1. I was directed to your blog by a radio show host as we apparently have a considerably similar opinion on the matter.

    I'm still reading through your blogs but hopefully we can collaborate on some blogs in the future!

  2. Interesting, who is the radio host? It would be great to get the message out to a wider audience!

  3. the hsus never said they donate to shelters the org that donates to shelters are the ASPCA you got them mixed up.

  4. HSSP address is 1090 Vermont Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008 United States you think the fact that its located on the same street as Richard Berman's PR firm, Berman & Company Center for Consumer Freedom, the Center for Union Facts, the Employment Policies Institute Foundation, and the American Beverage Institute is just a coincidence?

  5. you really believe CCF gave money just to help out? really?! are you that gullible or just stupid?

  6. HSUS was there when Hurricane Katrina misplaced thousands of pets. Using their vast level of income, they advertised about the poor animals drowned, the animals misplaced, the services being rendered by volunteers which would indicate that they were spending money like mad helping these poor little critters. The truth is – NOT ONE RESCUE OPERATION OR HUMANE SOCIETY that were taking in these animals, cleaning them, feeding them, dispensing medical care and doing whatever was needed to return these pets to their owners received one penny from HSUS. After all, they are not a HUMANE SOCIETY. They really could care less what happens to your little dog or cat. It is not their problem if pets are euthanized because they are homeless, or lost, or abandoned.

    I can vouch for that! My boys, Kelly and David and I volunteered at Blackham Coliseum in Lafayette, La right after Katrina and we cared for (with a bunch of other folk) hundreds of animals that the people from New Orleans and other areas brought with them. The families lived (destroyed) the Cajundome while the animals did very little damage to the Coliseum. While we were there we never once saw anyone from the HSUS except for a photo op they took, Our community donated time, cages, newspapers, feed water food for the volunteers you name it by the TON a local very new Petsmart brought a semitruck load of stuff crates and food and leashes and cleaning supplies. Vets donated time to check on the animals. As far as I am aware not one cent was ever reimbursed nor do I think anyone even asked. There were volunteers there with the animals 24/7 all of them from the local community. Google it I know that there was a big photo shoot done and a lot of stuff written about it back then. I even think La sued HSUS for funds that were promised but never received.