Friday, August 27, 2010

With "Best Friends" like this who needs enemies?

Here's an interesting post from Best Friends Animal Society online forum. Dogs were surrendered by a former rescuer turned "hoarder" in Kern County. Were they "rescued" by HSUS just so they could be turned over to Best Friends and subsequently killed by the SPCA?

That's not very 'Best Friendly', now, is it. 

Life with a so-called "hoarder" at least means you get to stay ALIVE.

But consider for a moment the unholy origins of this group. "Best Friends" is a group that used to be known as the Process Church. This is noted on their website under the information on their history. Just google them for information on that unholy group. Years ago, the Process Church discovered it was fairly easy to get donations for an animal charity. Great way to finance their covenstead! Hopefully the days of animal sacrifice are behind them, but who knows for sure?
Can we trust a group that has ties to Charlie Manson? Brrrr.... 

Here's the snip from their forum.

Sid(Sweet Pea), Petey, and Nancy, all pit bull terrier mixes, have until 6pm on Friday, August 27th to be saved. ......This picture shows their nervous behavior when they first came into SPCA after being rescued from the hoarder in Kern County. If you can help Sweet Pea, Petey or Nancy please contact.....

Gosh I'd be "nervous" too if I were taken to an unfamiliar location with strange people. What a crock.

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