Saturday, August 28, 2010

SB 250. This duck is lame.

Yesterday, Dean Florez claimed that SB250 was necessary because taxpayers
are footing a quarter- billion-dollar bill each year for rounding up and
euthanizing a million strays.

A MILLION stray dogs are wandering loose in California? A quarter BILLION
dollars a year expense? And we killed ALL of them – not ONE was adopted?

I realize hyperbole is a part of politics but that is absolutely ridiculous.

Putting aside the insanity of those claims, according to SB 250...

if my neighbor says my dog barks too much, I will have to have him neutered.

If I miss the expiration date on his license, I will have to have him

If I’m training him at the park and he’s heeling off leash, I will have to
have him neutered.

And in all of these cases, according to SB 250, the result of having my dog
sterilized for these or other minor infractions, none of which have to do
with his potential breeding capacity, will be fewer dogs euthanized in this

And this makes sense to you?

SB 250 is nothing but a carefully worded, devious and mean-spirited
mandatory spay/neuter bill.

Which, by the way, has NEVER worked ANYWHERE and has ALWAYS cost a fortune.
L. A. County, in the first year after instituting MSN, saw its budget go
from 6 million to 18 million a year – that’s a 269% increase.

L.A. City, which had been showing a continuing downward trend in euthanasia
figures despite a large increase in the human population, ignored all the
evidence and gave us our own MSN law, whereupon the numbers jacked right up
and continue to do so.

Your own Finance Committee says this bill will be hugely expensive. You
can’t even get a workable budget but you’re voting to ADD to it! And for
what? NOTHING!

In forty years of owning dogs, I have never bred a litter, accidentally or
otherwise. Yet my government seeks to punish my dogs, not me, by ripping
out their healthy organs, which, according to recent studies, is NOT good
for their health. Because I apparently am TOO STUPID to prevent my dogs
from having sex.

Even if I choose to breed, look around! There is a SHORTAGE of adoptable
animals in many parts of the country. Just because L.A. has a problem with
gangbangers’ pit bulls doesn’t mean Massachusetts has overcrowded shelters.

That’s why dogs are shipped cross country every day to fill the demand.

That’s why we have a smuggling problem with dogs flooding in from Mexico to
fill the void.

That’s why we have many more coming in from China, Romania and other third
world countries.

Yet Florez and other shortsighted politicians insist we need mandatory
spay/neuter laws, and in this case, nasty, vindictive, divisive ones.

At last count, 40 of your fellow legislators GOT IT. If Florez sneaks this
travesty of a bill back in on Monday, I hope you too will look at the facts,
reconsider and vote NO.

Put SB 250 in the trash where it belongs.

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