Thursday, March 25, 2010

Puppy Shortages at Shelters

Where have all the puppies gone?

I just saw the following at the Sacramento Shelter posting area on the internet.
The poster says of the shelter and adoptions: “Not for kiddos or sensitive, easily attached people like myself. There seems to be a serious shortage of puppies in Sacramento. People I know who would never before have considered buying a puppy farm puppy are considering it because they are so few and far between at shelters.

The county shelter has dealt with this by creating wait lists for their puppies. Three people go on, you all show up at 10am on the release date, and the first person on the list gets first dibs at the puppy. Only standing in a room with other people you know are there to look at the same dog is weirdly competitive and icky.

Maybe I'm just too sensitive, but watching someone else happily walk off with the puppy you've been waiting to (maybe) take home for a week is really tough and bawl inducing.”

We don't need more laws restricting dog breeding.

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