Thursday, March 4, 2010

The National Socialist Movement of the 21st Century

PETA is fond of drawing parallels to Nazism as a means to rouse such strong emotional responses that people will fail to actually consider the parallel.

The current Animal Rights (AR) situation has some striking similarities to the Nazi party activities of Germany in the 1930s. Except that the ARs tend to get it backwards. The idea of breeding towards healthful excellence is not what made Nazism so problematic-it was, among other things, the idea that a few people should be able to force their view onto everyone else.

Animal owners should all be registered and carry papers.

Anyone who disagrees with AR party should be raided and have their property seized.

Terrorizing and attacking people is an effective tool for change.

There is only one acceptable world view, and anyone who disagrees with their truth should be silenced.

Linguistic slurs are effective tools for lumping people together and obscuring truth.

The AR goal is so important that they can lie, terrorize, steal, mislead, and hurt other people or animals.

Power is more important than truth or justice.

Zealotry is more important than reason.

Special "humane police" go door to door looking for people to persecute.

They can arbitrarily decide what rights other people or animals have.

It is acceptable to recruit members by lying or coercing.

A single charismatic and passionate person can take a reasonable position and twist it into insanity, and can convince a great many people to follow them by focusing attention on the compelling kernel of truth. No rational person could have seen exterminating Jews as advancing German policy, just as no rational person could see exterminating all captive animals as advancing animal welfare. Hitler woke early each morning to kill Jews just as Ingrid rose early each morning to kill animals.

In America today we have innocent people living in fear-terrified that the special police will show up at their house, plant evidence, and destroy their lives. Afraid that some neighbor will turn them in to the authorities. I remember as a young student hardly believing that millions failed to recognize and avert Hitler's madness. In the past decade that disbelief has vanished, replaced by a profound sadness, as I watch millions of people donate their money to HSUS and PETA to be used to cause immeasurable harm and suffering to animals and people alike.

(Abridged post from the Pet Law Yahoo list, by "Roland and Lauren")

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