Monday, July 27, 2015

Head for the Spa!

You know you need a spa weeked away from the dogs when.....

You Know You Need a Spa Weekend Away From the Dogs When......

You’d rather walk into PetSmart than Sephora.

You notice that ChalkMate leaves your hands oh, so silky soft; and it smells just divine too!

You’ve stopped using lipstick because it has the annoying habit of transferring onto your bait.

Your grooming smock doubles as a bathrobe.

You can't remember which shampoo you bought for the dogs and which you bought for yourself.

You start to imagine how you'd look with a just a little trim around your ears.

While at Victoria's Secret, you wonder which perfume would be just the perfect name for that cute little girl in your latest litter.
You make an appointment to have your nails, I mean, have a pedicure.

The correct conditioning formula for your show dog involves great scientific study, but you figure the family can use a VO5 combo shampoo/conditioner from the 99 cent store.

Your favorite cologne is eau de Crown Royale Magic Touch Conditioner.

Your closet is overflowing with sensible shoes and you can't find an outfit without huge patch pockets.

The phrase "optical brighteners" intrigues you!! To cover your gray, you decide to personally test the dog's color enhancing conditioner.

On a show morning, you blow dry the dog's hair first, then yours…but only if there is enough time.

Your dog brush is Mason Pearson 100% pure boar bristle, and his comb a "Greyhound", mail order from England. Your personal brush and comb are "Goody" brand from a bin at Walmart.
You think that if you wear dark nail polish to match your lipstick, along with thick black eyeliner, that your lovely pigment might make a better impression on today's judge.
You check behind you in the mirror as you head out the door in the morning, but then suddenly remember, you are NOT the one with the plumed tail!

---Geneva Coats for the Pomeranian Review

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