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The Boston Globe - Editorial

"Dog show: Canine 1 percenters only"

February 15, 2012

For those who know the world of dog competitions mainly through the 2000 comedy film “Best in Show,’’ it’s all too easy to dismiss the humans in this world as obsessive fussbudgets who’ve lost track of the bigger picture. The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show surely hasn’t dispelled that image with its decision to part ways with its former sponsor, Pedigree, over the pet food brand’s ads urging viewers to adopt shelter dogs.

Those Pedigree ads were powerful, featuring noble-looking canines and a somber voice-over urging viewers to adopt shelter dogs, not pity them. This was too much of a downer for the kennel club. “Show me an ad with a dog with a smile,’’ a kennel club spokesman told the Associated Press. “Don’t try to shame me.’’ Sure enough, the ads on this week’s broadcast, from competitor Purina, have been far more upbeat.

The kennel club is free to accept whichever sponsors it chooses. But a dog show - one billed, no less, as a celebration of dogs - is the best possible forum to urge the adoption of shelter animals. Instead, the kennel club’s stance only highlights the disconnect between the plight of millions of mutts and the bizarrely cosseted existence of canine 1 percenters.

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letters - dog show hounded by controversy

February 23, 2012

RE “DOG show: Canine 1 percenters only’’ (Editorial, Feb. 15): The Globe mocks those who enjoy showing their dogs as a hobby, yet remains stone silent on the hypocrisy of the animal rights groups, whose shelter ads only serve to inflame public ill will toward dog show participants.

That “somber voice-over’’ in the Pedigree commercial belongs to David Duchovny, an animal rights extremist and supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA attempted to interrupt this year’s Westminster dog show with with a stage-grabbing protest, like a similar protest two years ago. Thankfully, they were held back this time by security. The American Humane Association, a co-sponsor of the Pedigree adoption drive, is also a fanatical anti-breeding animal rights organization.

We are fed up with so-called animal rights groups. PETA euthanizes dogs by the thousands at their Virginia “shelter”, as do other animal rights groups through their promotion of anti-animal ownership legislation.

Breeders, on the other hand, do not suffer from any “disconnect’’ from shelter animals. We rescue and re-home thousands of dogs every year through breed rescue efforts. We support the Canine Health Foundation, which helps improve the lives of all dogs, whether purebred or mixed breed. Who are the animal rights groups to dare lecture the rest of us on how “unlucky’’ shelter dogs are, compared to the dogs who have the spotlight?

Animal rights groups should not be allowed advertising spots to heap scorn and derision on dog hobbyists.

Geneva Coats


February 26, 2012

IT’S DISINGENUOUS for letter writer Geneva Coats to criticize those who must perform the thankless, heartbreaking task of euthanizing homeless and suffering animals when the purebred dog-breeding industry she supports directly contributes to the need to do so ( “Breeders aren’t the problem; PETA is the problem,’’ Letters, Feb. 23).

The Westminster dog show is well aware of its role in the animal
homelessness crisis, which is undoubtedly why it blocked commercials
urging viewers to adopt homeless dogs for being too sad. Sad indeed:
thousands of healthy dogs are waiting behind bars in shelters at this
very minute. Their lives depend on being adopted, yet breeders continue to churn out litters of puppies, in hopes of making profits or winning ribbons. Every time someone buys an animal from a breeder, a dog or cat in a shelter loses her chance at a home and will pay with her life.

Breeding may be a hobby for people like Coats, but for dogs waiting in
shelters, it is a death sentence. If breeders really cared about
animals, they would stop bringing more of them into a world that is
tragically short of good homes and work to promote spaying, neutering, and adoption instead.

Daphna Nachminovitch
Vice president,
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Norfolk, Va.

There's a reason that PETA’s president is dubbed “THE BUTCHER OF NORFOLK”

Feb 26, 2010

The hypocrites at PETA kills adoptable animals by the thousands at their Virginia "shelter". They have a horrific 97% kill rate. This is a matter of public record. Meanwhile, other shelters in the US, who actually do care about animals, have made great strides in reducing their intake and euthanasia rates. According to Maddie's Fund, we are on target to reach a nationwide "no kill" level by 2015.

Pet overpopulation is a myth. The overwhelming majority of our nation's pets are sterilized, and we now face an acute shortage of pets in many areas. Many shelters, particularly in the New England states, import dogs from other areas and even from other countries. Hundreds of thousands of dogs are brought in from Taiwan, Romania, Mexico and the Caribbean. In November, 41 "rescued" dogs were shipped into Los Angeles from Spain.

Massachusetts shelters have imported street dogs from Puerto Rico for many years now. In July of 2004, six people had to receive rabies treatments after a Massachusetts shelter imported a rabies-infected Puerto Rican street dog.

Nationwide statistics show that there are almost six homes available for every animal that is killed in a shelter. Shelters who kill adoptable animals do so by choice.

Don't be fooled by PETA propaganda. PETA kills animals. Their sadistic, misanthropist philosophy is the antithesis of "ethical".

Shelters and rescues importing dogs by the hundreds of thousands:

Debunking pet overpopulation:

No Kill – We’re Almost There Already!


  1. Kudos. I'm delighted to see you take this message to the public. While we "dog people" debate these issues endlessly among ourselves, we are essentially preaching to the choir. It is the public who will influence the future of the domestic dog. We must direct both our informational and our breeding programs to them. Our language, behavior and focus would ideally be "pet-centric". We need to be accessible and visible in our own communities ( for starters) as ethical, educated and responsible stewards of pet dogs. The public needs to be able to find us, enjoy working with us and view us as an ethical choice should they choose not to adopt.

  2. Many people like to make fun of those of us that show in AKC events. I loved the Pedigree ads...but I also loved the Purina ad that ran during Westminster. Westminster is the celebration of the well bred, purpose bred, purebred. Millions of people watch every year, most of those not involved in the fancy or sport of dogs....everyone benefits from these people watching....AKC show folks, field trial folks, all purebred breeders (alas even the not so reputable ones). People watch, they listen, they learn...and hopefully they take that knowledge when they go to purchase their next companion. An educated puppy buyer is where I think the key is...picking the correct breed and breeder and knowing what you are wanting as a companion....when people choose with knowledge we all win.

  3. Note that extreme animal rights groups NEVER EVER or let's say RARELY: educate on how to buy a pet; whom to get one from (except shelters); how to research a breed; questions to ask a breeder; how to be a responsible owner; the problems with backyard breeders and pet stores - who get their puppies EXCLUSIVELY from puppymills, not responsible breeders - wind up in shelters.

    PETA will picket at Westminster, set-up a stand outside Madison Square Garden dressed as KKK (boy, that is a health risk in NYC) during Westminster’s show, crash the show with the intent to disrupt, and run commercials of an AKC meeting with a KKK member saying “I’ll fit right in here – same thing, creating a master race.” How about rescue groups put up a billboard outside PETA’s main campus: “PETA KILLS 97% of the dogs and 99% of the cats you surrender in Virginia” with dumpster overflowing with dead pets that owners thought would be treated ethically. Apologies for the graphic imagery, guess I’ve been exposed to too much of PETA’s tactics.

    PETA drips with hypocrisy and shields their true agenda from the public yet people still drink their Jonestown “Kool-Aid” (apologies to Kool-Aid) swill. I really doubt PETA even knows why conformation dog shows exist. They never encourage people to attend to help educate themselves about dogs and breeds.

    Hobby breeders, those you see at dog shows from the smallest to the largest shows, do NOT make a profit. They can't. Even at $2,000 for a puppy, the costs associated for proper vet care and attending shows negates any "profit" potential, only backyard breeders and puppy mills make money as vet care is not part of their budget requirements.

    Pet stores make a profit when they buy wholesale from a puppymill and pay less than $100/puppy and then sell them at hobby breeder rates.

    Hobby breeders are just that, they do this as a hobby. Their focus is on breed improvement and the welfare of their puppies. They'll take back any puppy or dog that the buyer can no longer keep, no questions asked. You'll never hear PETA supporting this honorable practice. They only preach how evil dog shows, people who support and attend them, and hobby breeders are.

    Let’s set the record straight: there is no such thing as “hybrid vigor”. Mixed breeds have just as many problems as pure breed dogs. Breed groups keep records of how many of their breed have specific health issues. AKC can count how many Golden Retrievers are registered with them and the associated breed club does what it can to track the history of each dog. This can’t be done, and isn’t for mixed breeds as the number of permutations of mixed breeds is endless. You can’t compare a labradoodle to another *doodle as they are different dogs, and they aren’t a breed – they are mixed breed. A breed is defined as being able to reliable reproduce the same characteristics to a set standard over a minimum of 5 generations. Labradoodle breeders have proven they need to add poodles and labs back in every few generations to maintain the labradoodle. However, this doesn’t mean the labradoodle isn’t any less of a dog. It just means they are a mixed breed and not a pure-bred dog.

    I've never seen PETA and their cohorts recognize Westminster, AKC, national breed clubs, local breed clubs, Purina, etc for the work they do on pet health studies and cures, donations they make to worthy causes (re: NOT PETA or HSUS), rescue services, therapy/service dog work and educating the public. PETA and their cohorts only vilify responsible breeders and dog clubs as The Problem. How about those who are not responsible owners whose dogs and cats wind up at shelters? That right there is The Problem.

  4. The same progressive/liberal tactics are used against gun owners or anyone they want to tear down and destroy at any price: Guns kill (I guess guns point and pull their own triggers.) Vilify the manufacturer (when someone purchases a product the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for the actions of the buyer – maybe we need a “Minority Report” society). Deny responsible owners their rights (well, if some will use guns for evil, then no one should own a gun, right?). PETA does the same thing only with pets. To PETA and HSUS there is no such thing as responsible breeder or owner. You have no right to own a pet, period, in their warped minds.

    PETA never addresses their euthanasia rate. I'm willing to bet they never disclose their kill rate to people who turn their pets over with the expectations that PETA, when they say Ethical, will find loving homes. Instead their pet may be killed that day and dumped in a dumpster out back (this has been documented.) 97% for dogs and 99% for cats, in Virginia - doesn’t sound like they make much of an effort. It seems in PETA’s opinion, an animal is better off dead than being owned by a human. In 2007, Colorado had a serious blizzard that stranded three hundred thousand (300,000!) head of cattle. The governor asked PETA for help, and they responded they are just going to be eaten so why bother. Same response to wild life that were facing peril from the same storm – this is “ethical” in PETA’s and H$U$’ world. Is it in yours too?

    Wayne Pacelle, HSUS President/CEO, made $250K in 2010 (guess that makes him a 1% earner). HSUS provided approximately 1% of its donations to shelters. 1%. The rest is lobbying efforts at local, state and federal levels to do what they can to pass laws to stop pet ownership and infringe on your rights to personal property. And they are a non-profit yet operate as a lobbying group with tax-exempt status.

    I am so glad that people realize how shelters in the Northeast and California import dogs to fill demand. If there is such a pet over-population problem in the USA, why are dogs imported from off-shore? Why is Romania’s and Mexico’s pet problem our problem? PETA, can you just set up shop over there? And maybe move there too.

    Full disclosure: Over the past 30 years I have: owned stays and found them homes; adopted from breed rescue; adopted from friends who could no longer keep their dog; fostered until a home could be found; owned pure-bred dogs that I purchased from responsible breeders; attended dogs shows (and Westminster many times); shown my dogs as an owner/handler; have had top winning dogs; been asked to use my dog as a stud to breed litters (all money from stud services was first used for health screening and the rest donated to breed rescue); participate and judge in AKC performance events; support my local 4H as a junior handler conformation judge (no fee); volunteer with a national therapy dog program (again, no fee or payment to me, and I do donate money and my time). I think this covers the highlights.

    Oh, and I educate people on responsible ownership, help educate new dog owners, and spend as much time as people need to discuss what the need to know about pet ownership. Any dog I have ever owned gets the same food, grooming, vet care, love and companionship regardless of where they came from. And in the end, they pass-over with dignity and care, and are never forgotten.

    PETA, you attack responsible dog owners, you are attacking me, responsible pet owners and all those for the positive work we do. doG help PETA and H$U$ when I ever run for national public office. One of my goals will be to properly expose your organizations and do my BEST to end your tax-exempt status and your blatant disregard for the US Constitution and our laws, along with your cohorts. I respect your right to free speech but not with my tax Dollars and deceiving the public with your snake oil/carpet bagger tactics.

    If people only knew the truth about your ultimate goals and you vitriol hatred for anyone who owns a pet.

  5. good poster but Ingrid looks way to "cute" she is ugly.. both inside and out