Thursday, May 26, 2011

Raiders of the Lost Bark

HSUS conducting one of their famous "rescues" (i.e. RAIDS)

If any of the rest of us this treated our dogs like this we'd be arrested, fined and maybe jailed. And barred from ever owning animals again.


  1. They are such pukes. Tell me, looking at that poor old dog, what's wrong with it that it needed to be stolen from its owner, sent to a kill shelther & killed? Was it just another older person they could intimidate with threats - the soft target - to give them fodder for more begging ads leaving heart break and distruction in their wake. I hold them bound in heaven for their cruelty to owners.

  2. I'm disappointed but not surprised that my comment at "It's Raining Dogs..." was not released. Oh well, now I know that what I was willing to consider just a differing yet arguably suitable view point is in fact fanaticism and hysteria. Too bad, an actual dialogue could have expanded both our philosophical horizons, but, you are only interested in Yes men comments. Very well. With all due respect, may all your efforts fail, for you clearly are the enemy of animals, not a friend.

  3. Mc Mescalero, no trolls allowed here. Bye bye!