Thursday, April 7, 2011

Exploitation is our middle name!

This is better than a soap opera! Heck, we we don't even need to make this storyline up, it just keeps falling into our laps.

Announcing newly engaged "power couple" Wayne Pacelle and fiance, ABC news correspondent Lisa Fletcher. Nothing like an opportune hearts-and-flowers announcement to spice up your book sales. The exploitation continues unabated!


Poor Wayne; he looks like he's in pain, doesn't he?

Sure hope Lisa doesn't plan to have any kids; I hear the brain and nervous system doesn't develop properly without vitamin B-12 (and it's not reliably available in vegan foods). Not sure if she is a vegan, but since Wayne requires that his HSUS cohorts are vegan, it seems likely that he'd require that in a prospective wifey poo as well. 
A vegan diet for kids...that could be considered child abuse, couldn't it?

Hmm, maybe that explains the genesis of the HSUS thinktank. Could the HSUS vegan heads be a bit low on an essential vitamin?


  1. I know that your comment is right on target! Pacelle was living with another woman(Christine Gutleben) the entire time he was carrying on a relationship with Lisa Fletcher. I met and observed him several times when he was in town with a ballot initiative I was heavily involved with(October 2010). He DID NOT act like a man that was seriously invoved with another woman(Get my drift?). Not only that, but he was the most egotistical, cold, calculating person I have ever met. You are obviously smarter than 99% of the people that know the name "Wayne Pacelle."

  2. Even his smile is crooked.

  3. I know Lisa. She is intuitive, smart and has the ability to not be deceived. Leave them alone, but instead, seize the opportunity, lead by Wayne and Lisa's example, to use your time more effectively than posting something nasty about two extra-ordinary people!: Do something good for our world. Congrats, to Lisa and Wayne!