Sunday, October 17, 2010

Humane Society of the US-Their Philosophy Explained

HSUS Philosophy Explained:
An Animal Welfare Advocate and an HSUS executive (an unlikely pair, I agree; but bear with me) were walking down the street when they came upon a homeless person and his dog. The Animal Welfare Advocate gave the homeless person his business card and told him to come to his business for a job so he could earn a living. Then he could afford food & shelter for himself and the dog. He then took twenty dollars out of his pocket and gave it to the homeless person and a coupon for dog food so they could get by till the homeless person could start that job.
The HSUS person was very impressed, and when they came to another homeless person with a dog, he decided to help out as only he could. He walked over to the homeless person and gave him directions to the local animal "shelter" and a coupon for euthanasia, because he knew the homeless person would be better off without the dog; and besides, dogs are better dead than in the company of humans. He then reached into the Animal Welfare Advocate’s pocket and got out twenty dollars. He kept $19.50 for administrative fees and gave the homeless person 50 cents.
If the homeless man refused this kind offer, the HSUS executive would make sure that he was cited for failure to license, failure to sterilize, and failure to provide food and shelter for the dog. And then he would take it to the "shelter" himself.

Now you understand the difference between Animal Welfare Advocates & the Humane Society of the US.


  1. And yours is the most insipid comment we've had here to date, Pamela! DOH!

  2. How about a real example? HSUS Staff arrive on the scene of suspected neglect of many dogs. They find not only dogs that haven't been cared for, but a man not able to take of himself, sleeping in feces. They give the man their food rations, as he doesn't have food, as well as their bedding, as he doesn't have anything soft to lie on. They take care of the dogs by removing them from the property and taking them to shelters, where many found homes after being rehabbed (some did not - this is often the case in cruelty and neglect cases). They also call adult protective services, to come and talk to the man and help him care for himself.

    The HSUS is made up of many people - peoplethat care, and are decent human beings. Unless you have met every single one of our staff, you cannot draw conclusions as to what a staff member would do in any specific situation. The same way I would not guess what you would do, because I do not know you.

  3. Read through the archived documents here about HSUS:

    and here too(since hundreds of PeTA officials and employees have shifted to HSUS over the past two decades):
    -- 97% kill rate in 2009!

    Too bad that HSUS cares more about its' bottom line and skewed worldview than actually helping the PEOPLE and animals it claims to care about.

  4. HSUS is now the leading animal rights organization, surpassing PeTA in this sick disease of separating animals from humans. Human civilization, the covenants of civilization and law, and even the foundations of religions and philosophy all consider the valuable contributions animals have made in making man, man. It is only animal rights organizations, their ilk (like Sarah Barnett, a social media tool of HSUS grappling for her fifteen minutes of fame), and the unsuspecting people they con, who want to impede this cornerstone of civilization, animal domestication and control.