Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Brunswick....animal rights terror

From a member of We The People for Pets:

There's actually something REALLY awful happening in New Brunswick, Canada, right now, this minute, today. Apparently a pol (they call them MLA's) snuck a LAW into the legislation that no one caught.

For the past several years, New Brunswick has had Breeder Permits for over 4
intact dogs that were being used to breed. Apparently you went down to the
New Brunswick SPCA office and told them about your dogs (as in, very voluntary) and they issued you a permit. It cost about $100. People did it to be "responsible" and to support the NBSPCA. There was no real reason not to except to avoid paying the $100.00. They even gave you coupons and crap at the local pet stores and groomers and vets.....making it almost pay for itself or better if you used a lot of these services.

My breeding partner and best GF in NB went in to pay. She had 4 breeding dogs. They KINDLY explained it was only if you had OVER 4, but thanks for coming and you can still donate to the NBSPCA if you want.

THEN, as of June, they passed what they called "Mandatory Breeder Permits".
Try imagining PAWS and PUPS and MSN all bundled into a nice neat package.
NO ONE had ANY clue what was really in the "law" that was passed. They all
seemed to believe it was just a way to get ALL the dog breeders in the area to pay their $100 and go on about their business, so if they DID see the proposal, they MIGHT have even voted for it as it was described as a law to STOP the "PuppyMills".

Even when my GF mentioned it back in June, and me, being completely paranoid due to living here in Calif., told her it didn't sound so "simple" because part of the language included a clause about "breeder inspections". I was assured that ONLY applied to those "awful puppymills" so they could be stopped." and that she, and the other "responsible hobby breeders" were fine, because they keep their dogs inside their homes, etc. and are not breeding for income, hence they are not "puppy mills". Except......

1. The new Breeder Permit costs $250 for a SINGLE INTACT dog.

2. The NBSPCA is being run by AR's and my GF's friends that worked there are
gone. Plus, they refer to HSUS "policies" in their "checklists", including no
inbreeding, no bitches bred under 18 months, only TWO litters allowed per bitch and TWO stud covers that result in pups allowed per dog. There are no
provisions for working or service dogs; if it's intact, it's in trouble.

3. They are doing physical inspections of people's PRIVATE homes and
VIDEOTAPING it even if you ONLY have a SINGLE intact dog.

4. They are physically handling each dog in your PRIVATE home to determine if
you pulled dews, cropped or docked, or haven't groomed it. (each carries a $500 fine per dog)

5. They are doing these "inspections" UNANNOUNCED! Dog owners and breeders are freaking out because they walk in during whelpings and ties and other private business and some lady had her Dane nearly die of bloat because she was feeding him when they burst onto her property.

6. They bring the RCMP (police) with them and are threatening getting warrants if you won't let them into your house or ....are not home. They have told people it is an "offense" (criminal) if they are not home when you have nursing pups. They were told to hire someone to take the children to school or the market because you must not leave your home.

7. They are chasing down co-owners and puppybuyers because they copy ALL your paperwork. If they find your co-owner or puppy buyer lives in the Province and has a still intact pet, they descend upon them for the $250 with videos and other demands.( I have found an argument in here, as Canadian law does not allow the sharing of private third party information)

8. They DON'T have a Rabies law, so they cannot even say this is why they are doing this.

9. The requirement checklist to breed a single dog was taken right from the
HSUS recommendation list, "impervious floors, 8 inch baseboards, no crating, clean metal water dish, affixed to floor" for EACH dog, .....basically NO ONE can afford to remodel their home to keep an intact pet, effectively forcing them out of breeding.

10. Parvo is spreading like wildfire (documented) because these NBSPCA IDIOTS are going from one home to the next and TOUCHING all the babies looking for crop/dock/dew violations.

11. My GF lives in a 3500 sq ft fabulous new home on SIXTY acres which has been in her family for 100 years. Her dogs have the life of luxury, every need is immediately met. There has never been a single complaint from anyone about her dogs. Because of the limit law stuff in Calif, I have a couple of my finished, intact, AKC Champions living with her. Now there is a fear they could be taken.

If anyone here knows anything about Canadian law, and their constitutional
rights in preventing this nightmare from continuing, I'd appreciate the help,
since my dogs are there.

They have formed a group similar to WTPP and have a Yahoo list. Due to a bunch of unannounced Nazi style inspections on completely naive owners last week, many of the owners are planning to approach their respective MLA's (like our senators, etc.) on Monday.....

I have heard that my GF's MLA (whom her father contributed heavily to his
campaign) is utterly aghast at how this is being enforced. Supposedly he
was under the impression it was just a law to get more money from people
who were making income from more than 4 active breeding dogs.

I am working on providing her with any constitutional violations that I can
find, along with having her vet provide documentation of the Parvo outbreaks.
Also I'll put together something about the No-Kill info from.....hello? Canada....that demonstrates how this new law will result in MUCH more costs
than income.
The actual checklist and the CVMA Guidelines are what the Inspectors are bringing with them along with videocameras and copy/fax machines to usurp paperwork. Also warrants to enter homes if they are refused and the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) to carry out the warrants.

They are REQUIRING a RECORD of daily puppy weights from BIRTH God......

I spoke with another breeder friend in Montreal, which is in the Province of Quebec. She was quick to point out that "her" Province hadn't passed anything like this and she didn't think they would. I was almost yelling when I told her that was how New Brunswick got one actually believed that something like this could pass. They think someone else is watching the freakin' henhouse while the chickens are getting fried. I told her she had to get involved in her local lawmaking NOW or forever live with a choice that could leave her without her beloved dogs....

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