Thursday, July 8, 2010

Banning sales of pets at pet stores

I guess I'll just never quit asking - even if pets bought at a pet store are
more likely to be impulse buys and end up at a shelter, what gives
government the right to control what we do with our pets after we buy them,
and what gives them the right to dictate what a pet store is allowed to
sell. No, they can't sell drugs, because drugs are illegal, but pets are
not (so far anyway).

And talk about impulse buys - ever been to one of those big rescue events,
that's what they're all ABOUT! Gee, you didn't get that cute fluffy one,
never mind we have plenty more to pick from. It's all about the numbers -
they don't care where the pets go as long as they GO.

And those pets are sold too. If pets stores can't sell, why should a rescue
event be allowed to? Or a breeder, for that matter, but there's that
slippery slope, because we know that's where they're heading. If these
government idiots would just get a clue and realize it's not about animal
welfare OR animals rights, it's about animals GONE.

Who cares what the difference is between Animal Welfare and Animal Rights? That's not the point. I'd say the majority of the so-called Animal Rights' supporters would never want to get rid of animals and and have just been brainwashed into believing the Animal Rights bullshit. After all, it does all sound fine and lovely on the surface and few people ever look underneath. So don't even go there, don't bother to give them a label, just say that those who propose these types of laws are all about animals gone, no animals left. Period.

Because that's the bottom line.

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