Monday, June 14, 2010

Any puppies?

Email received today: "Hi, I am interested in a puppy. Are you expecting any soon? Please call me."

My response:
Hi, didn't get your name.....Sorry but at this point with all the anti-dog legislation being proposed and enacted in our state....mandatory sterilization, limit laws, excessive fees for intact dogs and oppressive regulation regarding breeding, outrageous fees for a litter permit....I have no future plans to breed! I just have one female left, and if/when I breed her it will be to continue my line; I'd be keeping any pup for myself.

In addition to all the above, if I were to sell two puppies in a year, I would have to register with the state for a sellers permit and collect sales taxes. Basically, anyone who breeds dogs as a modest hobby has now been made into an outlaw.

Sellers must provide Buyers personal information to the state. Puppies must be neutered by four months old....horrible for their long-term health! They must be microchipped....whether you like it or not. If there is any sort of health problem that your local AR vet can blame on "genetics" I will have to pay the vet bills. If there is any sort of contagious disease that the dog contracts, well, that's my fault too and I must pay.

And there are plans by our animal control officials to crack down and fine those who don't comply with all the rules, fees, limits and regulations. In addition to fines, the penalties would include taking our dogs away from us. FOREVER. And selling them as "rescues".

I will not risk losing my dogs for a few measly bucks from a puppy sale.

Too much red tape and too expensive, selling puppies is just not worth the hassle. It's hard enough to just feed, house and pay vet bills, health testing is expensive....the occasional C-section can run you into the thousands. If you show your dogs, there's more thousands spent every year. Add the government fees and regulations into the mix, and unless you breed commercially you will be suffering huge financial losses that you can never recoup.

The animal rights activists want to eliminate your choice in obtaining a puppy and force everyone to "rescue" older dogs instead.....they won't be satisfied until the day when there are no more purpose-bred domestic animals. Or just no more domestic animals PERIOD.

Tomorrow the Riverside City Council is voting on mandatory sterilization and pet limits per household. Los Angeles already has such rules on the books. Many other cities and counties in CA as well.

Best regards and good luck in your search. May I suggest you check with our local breed rescue. You can get on a waiting list and pray you measure up to their high and mighty standards.Me, I'll be taking up golf and spending more time in my garden.

Yours truly,
Former Dog Breeder
Disheartened and Discouraged


  1. Ah, I see another "anonymous" dog hater has found my blog! Can't wait for dogs to go extinct, eh?
    Most people won't think it's so "good" when they aren't able to find a puppy to buy, and even less able to afford to pay thousands $$$ over its lifetime just for "permission" (license) from our fascist government jusr to own a dog.
    Rest assured WE WILL WIN. We will vote the idiots out of office nd repeal the anti-dog laws. So there!