Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Purina Peddles Influence at Delta Society

Is Delta's recent ban on raw fed dogs a payback for Purina's HUGE donation in 2008? The money was spread over two years, so that dried up this month.

Does Brenda Bax remain seated on the Delta Society Board of Directors as a result of her employer's financial muscle?

Enquiring minds want to know!

Talk about your conflict of interest!! I think we have found it! 



Purina giving $400,000 to Delta Society

May 1, 2008

By: DVM Newsmagazine


ST. LOUIS — Purina will dish out more than $400,000 to the Delta Society for its animal-assisted therapy.

Purina's two-year pledge ranks as the largest grant ever received by the Delta Society.

"Through its Pet Partners program, Delta Society shows that dogs and cats are unique creatures that can help benefit the health and well-being of humans," says Brenda Bax, brand director at Nestle Purina PetCare.


  1. Come on people - stop with this 'conspiracy theory'. Delta is about helping people and is just taking extra precautions as their therapy animals visit in places where people's immune systems are compromised. Even the human medical professionals who work with these same populations have to take extra precautions when working with these populations. As posted on Delta Society's website:

    No pet food manufacturer representatives contacted, encouraged, lobbied, or influenced the Delta Society Medical Advisory Group in recommending to the board that they approve a Raw Protein Diet Policy.

    Delta Society has always prided itself on having high standards for its Pet Partners program. As board members learned of medical professionals’ concerns about the increased risk of the spread of pathogenic bacteria to humans by animals fed raw protein diets, it was determined that this was an issue that needed review. Based on input from the medical community, the Board of Directors voted to implement this new policy. As many of our Pet Partners visit in hospitals, assisted-living centers, and other places where people’s immune systems are compromised, it was decided that implementing this new policy was the responsible action.

    For clarification, animals within the Pet Partners program are not required to be fed commercially produced food – the policy states that cooked, home-made diets are also acceptable.

  2. Oh goodie, another anonymous poster. Delta's board members "learned" about an increase risk? Baloney! Read our next post in which a canine nutritionist...debunks ALL of the misconceptions that Delta ignorantly and blindly supports.

    I suppose HUMAN medical professionals should not be allowed to eat salad.... No raw milk, no ceviche, no sushi. No rare meat for dinner. Peanut butter sandwiches? BANNED!...

    These restrictions are absurd.

    Purina donated $400,000 to Delta. Undeniable and unethical influence.

  3. Extra precautions, my ass. What did dogs eat before purina came along and figured out a way to make money off the crap left on the slaughterhouse floor? Get a grip, people. Dogs have the digestive tract of wolves. Yes, even your little Peke-a-poo! I don't see bags of dog chow lying around in the wild, or wolves sitting around little hibachis. Raw meat and bones, it's what's for dinner.

  4. I have a hard time believing that $400K did not influence Delta in their new policy. I have been a Delta Society Pet Partner, instructor and evaluator for many years. I have turned in my resignation and requested a refund from my recent re-registration of my pet partners. Lew Olson wrote an amazing letter to Delta, citing research that supports a raw diet and the very neglibile potential for infection. She also cited research (recent) that shows kibble-fed dogs shed as much pathogenic bacteria (if not more) than raw-fed dogs. The letter from Lew is still unanswered.

    The information posted by anonymous is straight off the Delta website. what about people that eat sushi? Will they no longer be able to visit? How about people with dogs that go to off-leash dog parks, eat feces? How does Delta plan to police and enforce this policy? Will they soon overturn their vaccination policy? What if Ft. Dodge (or other vaccine manufacturer) gives them a grant?

    Aren't dogs walking through a hospital more likely to pick up "things" that can be passed from patient to patient?

    Delta has been a huge disappointment to me over the past several years. This was the "straw that broke the camel's back".

    Very short-sighted policy with no scientific research to back it up.

  5. Can you ensure that your dog has not eaten or rolled in poop in then 24 prior to a visit? I would think that would compromise an immune system more than feeding raw.
    B Neely

  6. So, Delta is a sellout. Sigh. Well, it was just a matter of time. I'm renouncing my membership and handing in my Therapy bandanna, etc. I feed raw and have for over 20 years. I've never gotten salmonella from handling the raw food, cleaning up my dog's poop, etc. Purina foods are some of the lowest quality animal foods on the market. It's just a good marketing scheme. Unfortunately, it's the people that need this program that will suffer. SHAME ON PURINA AND DELTA SOCIETY. I am horrified. HOW DARE anyone tell me what I can feed my pet, especially when the research is as biased as the liberal media.

  7. Not only that, Jett, but now they are putting Purina ads on the vests that the Delta trainers wear. Blatant payback for Purina's big donation.