Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Barking Moonbats


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I Just Can’t Take Any More Drivel from Pet Connection!

The “Pet Connection” website and blog is a place I generally avoid. The insipid entries and subsequent haughty comments from faithful groupies are a proven risk factor for high blood pressure.

But, as happens from time to time, a particularly vapid PetConnection blog post forwarded its way through the Pet Law lists.

“Which Do You Hate More” blasts Pet Connection blogger Christie Keith, “HSUS or PUPPY MILLS?”

Aside from the inflammatory rhetoric of hate, the answer is a no-brainer. Without a doubt, the greater of two evils would be those who lie, cheat and steal….and kill! The HSUS is your winner! They:

  • STEAL well-cared for animals from their rightful owners

  • advocate the killing of adoptable pets

  • garner donations in a fraudulent manner

  • squander most of their fraudulently-obtained money on salaries, fundraising and pensions

  • sponsor anti-animal ownership laws in almost every state, with an admitted incremental strategy to squelch intentional animal breeding.

More “insane” than “humane”, the HSUS is the epitome of hypocrisy. I really hate hypocrites.

But mostly, I hate those who spew out animal-rights generated, venom-filled epithets such as “puppy mill”….”hoarder”….”backyard breeder”….”irresponsible breeder” and all the rest of the narrow-minded, bombastic rhetoric.

Using logic (a trait sorely lacking in moonbat blogs) there is no legal definition anywhere of PUPPY MILL…. so how can one postulate a valid claim to hate an undefined concept? What exactly do they hate? People who breed more than one litter per year? Breeders who don’t CRY when they sell a puppy? Breeders who produce dogs that are meant to guard, hunt, herd, retrieve, protect or otherwise work?

The reason given for this odd hatred of a large subset of breeders? Ms. Keith recounts a story of visiting a friend and her Italian Greyhound:..."....she put a little puppy mill rescued breeding dog in my lap, who had lived her whole life in a mill, and I looked into that dog’s eyes, and there was nothing there. She was dead inside."

Ah, so she can read a dog's thoughts and glean its life history simply by gazing into its eyes. Doggie ESP? Quite impressive! Dogs do have the same thoughts and dreams as people....they are just furry people, right?

A fellow poster on the pet law lists succinctly addressed this point:

 "This kind of shit just grinds me. Friends have champion IGs and most of
them act like other people either don't exist (they'll look right through you like you're not there) or don't want the icky not-my-mommy touching them. It's just how a lot of very people-oriented dogs ARE -- they have absolutely NO interest in anyone but their OWN person, and it doesn't matter if they were raised as pets, show dogs, or kennel dogs."

"But people who don't grasp this think every dog instantly loves everyone,
and it's just not so. In fact it's contrary to the very behaviour we've bred for in many working breeds. Do you want your protection dog sucking up to every passing stranger? Do you want your hunting dog bringing the game back to whoever is handy, instead of to you? Do you want your herding dog making friends with the cattle rustler? Do you want your cart dog leaving with whoever walks by? Of course not. And as for the personal pet breeds -- do you want your loving pet to love any random person more than you?"

"So there's been a good deal of selection, in many real working breeds and to some degree in personal pet dogs, towards INDIFFERENCE to nonthreatening strangers. These idiots don't know or understand that."

"But they DO feel snubbed when every dog doesn't instantly love them, and of course it can't be the dog's nature so it HAS to be the fault of some prior neglect."

"In short, emotionally-needy people are deciding how our dogs should behave -- to fill THEIR need to be loved by everything that breathes."
But on to the pertinent issue, the definition of "puppy mill." Ms. Keith seems to equate PUPPY MILL with anyone who breeds on a regular basis; high-volume show breeder, commercial breeder, anyone who breeds for profit, and she states in her post that we should all strive to “stop the mass production of family pets in barns and warehouses”…..that “it doesn’t matter to me how sanitary or well-lit or well-ventilated a high volume puppy farm is, or how many vets or vet techs work there, it will never be acceptable to me. It will never be OK.”

Hmmm…so even if the dogs have acres to run in, on this "farm", and volumes of humans to interact with, "no amount good care, no amount of personal attention", no amount of VETERINARIANS, even one for each puppy, could ever make puppy production acceptable to her. Quite the barking moonbat!

Pet Connection bloggers presumably would like to impose their definition of “responsible breeder” on all of society….dictating that only a very narrowly-defined subset of emotional cripples be allowed to breed dogs. You must cry when you sell puppies, you must only breed a litter once in a blue moon. You must never make a profit….God forbid you should accidentally breed a litter of mutts! You must never produce a dog destined for anything other than life as a slobbering, fawning ego prop for its master. No guard dogs, no herders, no sledders, no protectors, no hunting companions who sleep in the barn….NOPE!

With journalists promoting their notion in the popular press of how “responsible breeder” must or should operate, the end result can only be a downward spiral in all breeding activity…an exacerbation of the existing deficit of adoptable dogs. The steep expenses involved in producing puppies from these holier-than-thou “responsible breeders” means that the costs of extensive health testing and dog exhibition must be passed on to the consumer…thereby pricing these puppies waaay out of the reach of the average citizen. Fewer adoptable dogs available combined with steeper prices means a bigger piece of the pie will go to underground black markets and the strays imported from foreign countries.

According to Keith’s HSUS buddy Stephanie Shain, “[people] don’t want to get a dog who came out of a puppy mill. They’re coming to us saying, ‘Please help me find a breeder,’ and we’re not helping them….so let’s start talking about where to get that dog and helping them identify a good, wonderful, compassionate responsible place to get that dog.”

Let's examine the reasons WHY people are having a bit of a time finding breeders. If HSUS and the rest of the rabid moonbats had their way, no one would own more than a handful of dogs under any circumstances. HSUS sponsors legislation imposing limit laws, mandatory sterilization laws, insane license fees and a host of other excessive rules and regulations. These bureaucratic roadblocks are causing dog breeders to abandon the hobby in droves…. Of course, that is exactly the intended effect of these HSUS campaigns; to come down hard on breeders….all breeders. Force most out!! And now Keith and Shain sit back, scratch their heads and wonder where are all the breeders? Helloooo!! Earth to moonbats! Look no further than yourselves for that smoking gun.

“Stop hiding in the shadows and letting your enemies define what dog breeders and fanciers are” spouts Keith. Yet HSUS lobbyists try to forge this definition on a daily basis. At least she correctly tagged them as ENEMIES. For the few remaining active breeders, hiding in the shadows has become the only method to survive unscathed to breed another litter.

“Because their interests are not your interests” Keith lectures, referring to big brokers and retailers. Sorry, but all of us in the dog world DO have the same interest…..we all enjoy dogs, breeding dogs, caring for dogs,….and for some, that means actually selling dogs in the process, perhaps making a living from doing so. Perhaps actually profiting enough to be able to stay at home with their beloved dogs full time!

If you browse the comments following that blog post, many remind the readers of the myriad other concerns regarding HSUS anti-animal activities. Lest we forget, HSUS is flat-out opposed to hunting….opposed to fishing….opposed to meat-eating and farming in general….opposed to horse racing and dog racing….. lefty bloggers expect us to overlook all the frightening fanatic HSUS campaigns, and actually embrace the group, based on a single-minded abhorrence of the undefined concept “puppy mill”.

However, as HSUS supporters look on in horror, the warts on the face of their organization are revealed on a daily basis on the website. They now must resort to the desperate ploy of the “divide and conquer” game…a game that has traditionally worked well for them. But no more. Thankfully, hobby breeders are less naïve nowadays, and less likely to fall for this sly maneuver.

But nice try, Moonbats.

 Definition of a Barking Moonbat:

Someone on the extreme edge of whatever their -ism happens to be.

Usage:  'barking moonbat': someone who sacrifices sanity for the sake of consistency


  1. NotafencesitterMay 1, 2010 at 8:44 PM

    I refuse to post to PC. Between the regulars of that fanclub, any opposition or any logical thinking gets attacked with derogatory and/or demeaning remarks. That's not a sign of smart thinking. Sitting on the fence, as that site continually does, produces nothing of value in an ongoing battle against any and all AR types. Great to see a blog that produces meat and potatoes. Thank you!!!

  2. arf arf.. Pet Disconnection is really barking mad.. also they have a secret spelling group.. just like in high schoo

  3. opps cut off.. high school