Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Parade of Mutants" seen in Westminster BIS ring!

Mark Evans, Chief Veterinarian, RSPCA:

"When I watch Crufts, what I see is a parade of mutants. It's some freakish, garish beauty pageant that has nothing, frankly, to do with health and welfare."

Last night, during the Westminster Kennel Club Best in Show judging, attendees had to endure an horrific actual, bona fide "parade of mutants". The lanky bodies of the deviants featured raised arms with banners stretched between them. Excessive layers of clothing were required to maintain body warmth. It seems that the AKC premier event had spawned a defective breed...the "PETA terrorist".

The adverse effect of inbreeding was evident. No brains! The mutants flashed signs proclaiming "Mutts Rule" and "Breeders Kill Shelter Dogs' Chances". The media tagged this interruption in the night's planned activities as a "protest."

These defective mutants are obviously missing some DNA, or perhaps their frail bodies are suffering the effects of a protein calorie malnutrition. Maybe due to a vitamin deficiency, their brains can no longer process in a logical manner? They haven't noticed that Westminster KC and Pedigree partner up every year for the "Dogs Rule" Pedigree Adoption Drive. The Westminster broadcast is peppered with commercials advocating homes for shelter dogs, and they raise MILLIONS for this cause every year. These advertising spots are narrated by none other than the alien-chasing, vegetable-chomping, sex-addicted star of "The X-Files", and star of "Californicator"... PETA's champion, David Duchovny.

In the Pedigree commercial, David softly growls "I am a good boy".
Sure you are, David! You're a good boy! Yes, you are!

Now why on earth would a group (PETA) that claims to love mutts and shelter dogs protest an event (Westminster show) that raises literally millions of dollars for them, each and every year?

As we noted earlier, this particular breed of human suffers from a profound mental retardation.

But the most glaring evidence to support the case of the mutants' missing chromosome lies within PETA, the organization they represent.

PETA kills animals.
By the thousands.

Accusing breeders of harming shelter dogs! Pot, meet kettle.

Thankfully, the Westminster organization pressed charges against these deviant lawbreakers. PETA minions often resort to terrorism...just ask the FBI, who list PETA on their official list of domestic terrorists.

Next time, there could be violence.

Personally, I worry about the welfare of ALL dogs....whether they be mutts, shelter dogs, or show dogs like Sadie.

Perhaps we should have unleashed a few well-trained Schutzhund guard dogs to subdue these garish, freakish mutants. That type of action might reduce the chances of any future protest parades.

And wouldn't that truly help promote the welfare of dogs!


  1. Far more breeders work to rescue, vet, groom and transport shelter dogs than there are PETA misfits. If PETA were truly concerned with dogs they would work to eliminate the puppy mills, back yard breeders and owners that have dogs but let them run loose and breed many of the dogs that end up in the shelters.

  2. How many shelter dogs and cats do these two "ladies"own? or care for?

  3. How did these mutants get past the stringent security at ringside? And if PETA can infiltrate the security ringside, I'm worried that they could also compromise the security that owners pay dearly for on the benches. It is not above PETA to actually harm the dogs themselves.

  4. Mutts Rule what? The most dogs that are euthanized? Aren't mixed breeds the "oops" I screwd-ups? Want a pit mix? ... Me either. Spay and neuter your pets so there will be no more "mutts." Leave the breeding to the pros.

  5. Mutts DO rule! Some of the very best dogs are mixed breeds. I hope we NEVER outlaw mutts and restrict breeding to the so-called "pros".

  6. Time4Dogs wrote: Mutts DO rule! Some of the very best dogs are mixed breeds. I hope we NEVER outlaw mutts and restrict breeding to the so-called "pros".

    Big giant AMEN. Also: the best dogs I know are pit mixes, most definitely including Smoky, my own pit/shepherd mix.

    Restricting breeding to "experts" is the worst thing that could happen -- that has happened -- to dogs.

  7. I have bred and shown for many years and also have mixed breeds in my rescue in my home. No, I don't have any pits but that is because I just don't have room or the ability to care for larger dogs.
    The problem with pits is the people who get one put it in the backyard and never train it. They have a predisposition to guard their territory and when they are just allowed to grow up with no training or understanding of rules of conduct YES they can be dangerous, I think that is why people are afraid of them.

  8. Pit bulls are wonderful dogs, to bad so many young men and women to decide they are their own personal weapons. They train them that way and then wonder why they turn out dangerous.. and when these young men and women can't take care of the weapons they made, the dogs end up in a shelter. What in the world do breeder of show quality dog have to do with this senario... Most dogs are in shelters because someone got a puppy when they didnt' have the right place to keep it.. or didn't know how to take care of it correctly, had to "get rid of it" and ended up dropping it off at a shelter of just putting it out the door...

  9. Dumm is the only word that comes to mind. Inbreeding happens in MUTTS too. I really do not want to own a Rotti/ Pit Mix or a Great Dane/ Poodle mix!
    And I am a "breeder". I have two litter a year and I take all my dogs back, so I am pretty sure any breeder will. So PETA stop killing dogs that are in your care and work on Spay/neuter programs. Ups, you do not due that..........I think some purebreed clubs have programs ???!!!

  10. Unadoptable, unhomable dogs are the result of poor breeding and/or poor ownership. No breed or mix is totally unfit to be owned by the right home. Sadly, too many dogs get into homes that aren't right for them and become dogs that aren't right for very many homes.

    An example is a border collie in an aparment with no exercise. The dog develops habits that make it unsuitable for anyone who isn't very experienced in training these bad habits...destructive chewing, counter surfing, house-soiling, possibly even forms of aggression. The number of homes where there's an experienced trainer capable of fixing these problems is small. The number of dogs needing this kind of home are great. And the people that could 'fix' these dogs are probably happier getting a pup not already ruined.

    The only feasible answer is educatng people, which is what AKC and other reputable organizations is about. PeTA and the HSUS are about ending animal relationships of ANY type. Until ALL people who enjoy animals understand that, we must be prepared to fight for our dogs. If we are to prevail, we must not divide ourselves by "pet people" and "rescuers" and "breeders" and "show people" and "performance people" and "hunters". We must first and foremostly be people who want to keep our dogs, and who know our enemy in the form of Peta and HSUS, and are prepared to stand up to these terrorists, exposing them for what they are.

  11. I can't stand this. The opening blog was just an ad hominem rant, with no real discussion of what is it as stake.