Saturday, November 28, 2009

Breed specific legislation-Arkansas

The City of Hot Springs, Arkansas is voting on a breed specific law this coming Tuesday, December 1st. Bad idea. Worse than that, terrible idea. Why? Here's what I wrote to the city directors, Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau:

No breed is inherently aggressive. Unacceptable behavior of individual DOGS, not breeds, is caused by OWNERS, whether through abuse or training or neglect. Owners. The breed itself is not relative. Statistically, smaller dogs are the most frequent biters, and in the majority of cases, victims are family members, typically children, who have never been taught that animals are not toys.

Other than the fact that I would no longer participate in Arkansas’ dog shows should these laws go into effect, my residency in another state is irrelevant. What matters is that breed specific legislation does nothing to change the actions of irresponsible or oblivious owners. The only result of such laws, every time, everywhere and in every situation, is that a large group of innocent dogs is condemned to death by virtue of its appearance.

Is that really your intention?>

If you agree, by all means let Hot Springs know, but be wary of your own legislature too. If they haven't passed a similar law already, you might want to keep track and make sure they don't. All of these anti-pet laws result in the deaths of more dogs. The opposition will tell you different, but the statistics prove it's true. Every community, town, every city, every state, everywhere that has or had breed specific laws, mandatory spay/neuter laws, limit laws...etc., ends up killing more dogs.

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  1. They need to forget about the Breed specific legislation and enforce the law of animal cruelty fine and jail time more killing dog won't stop people from animal cruelty and fighting so the cops need to started doing there job better